Alibi V.16 No.2 • Jan 11-17, 2007 


Mayor Mayor

Dear Alibi,

You did an excellent job on your Animal Control article [RE: News Feature, “Intolerable,” Dec. 28-Jan. 3]. I wrote a short note to the mayor and got a typical denial response. You should have published the mayor's and Denise Wilcox’s e-mail addresses so others could have written them.

I work for the city and between 1995 and 2000 I used to regularly travel to both the Eastside and Westside shelters and saw firsthand what goes on there or at least did at that time and most likely still does. I worked in ISD at that time fixing computers and it was amazing what I heard and saw on my visits to the shelters. Pretty nasty places and some pretty sick people working over there that took pride in hurting animals and bragged about it afterwards. I used to know Floyd Smith as he was the manager out at the Westside shelter. He was a good guy, honest and had some feelings for the animals. They (upper management) treated him like dirt and ignored his pleas for change. Once he started to talk it was all over for him.

Keep up the good work.

Gary Anderson


Editor’s Note: You can contact Mayor Martin Chavez at

Real Storytime

Dear Alibi,

[RE: The Real Side, “Christmas Flu,” Dec. 21-27, 2006] “The Real Side?” Was that a real story? If it was then Jim Scarantino better stick to editorials because he as a hard time describing what happens to him or hasn't learned the art of honest embellishment. I think that's because he made up some of the Christmas flu story. But that's OK because I do that on occasion, but I'm clever enough to make it real. I have been in a number of checkout lines and I have never heard any of the “contagious” holiday spirit conversations that Scarantino reports hearing.

There were places in his story that failed, in my opinion, to accomplish the bare minimum requirements of a good story: “I think that was egg yoke [sic] on my shoe.” Why did he think, wasn't he sure? I think he meant on his face. And what does this mean “... that closing number 'Peace, Peace—did not get to me. Sand, maybe dust in my eyes. That's all.” That's real creative. And “Another man giggled as he ate his sandwich and sipped his coffee.” And that, to tell the truth, almost had me giggling.

“The Real Side” was a full story but it will still appeal to the Alibi readers who have cognitive impairment and one of them will write Scarantino to tell him what a wonderful story he wrote. The person will write “'The Real Side' was so touching that my eyes filled with sand, maybe dust. That's all.” I just giggled.

In my opinion The Real Story was a flop just like the front page which wasn't even more naughty than nice it was just cheesy and it was old cheese at that—if I remember correctly it was the same front page that you used last year.

Hey, what was Jim's alibi for his boring story? I'm not putting down Scarantino. I mean is everyone supposed to be a Mark Twain? The story did not have the spirit and energy of a real holiday story—it was flat.

Man, you guys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Every time I read your newspaper it stirs up the critic in me. You may think I am playing hardball but I am not—this is my style. Diplomacy is for politicians not for critics and a true professional critic is never angry if he is corrected. I hope we learned something this year and in the new year I am open to change. Are you? I'll be sending more letters. This is fun and serious.

I know, I know the truth hurts but remember the truth will set you free and it leads to enlightenment.

Orlando Martinez


Bashing Borat

Dear Alibi,

At least the Alibi's reviewer has the guts to stand up against the mainstream slosh and (properly) demean the movie Borat [RE: Film Top 10, “The 10 Worst Films of 2006,” Jan 4-10]. Amazing ... the very “alternative lifestyle-compassionate" Alibi, whether endorsing its writer by virtue of publication or not, took a swipe at this movie. The writer was diplomatic; he could have (objectively and truthfully) cited the movie as a collection of over-filthed homosexual vignettes and statements, with enough needless vulgarity to actually be a disgusting bore. Perhaps out of 50 "scenes,” maybe two could have been funny had the viewer not already been jaded dull by the man-scat (with a little hetero-scat thrown in to puzzle us). Even the Jew-bashing was classless (as if it ever isn't).

The film celluloid could have been better used, perhaps, to manufacture 3-D glasses for a rerelease of The Mysterians?

Rhim Mee


A Yeti and Nessy

Dear Alibi,

For all these years I've been watching television and reading books published by people at the top of the food chain. These people are solely devoted to drawing the real truth at hand far to the right concerning crop circles. All these people are nothing but down home fibbers wanting a paycheck for scratching someone's back. A computer is a extension of unreal power. A lot of countries teach computer students how to hack. Just like kids can hack into bank accounts and get into airline companies for free rides to somewhere. Individuals have hacked into the S.D.I. Program which was for national defense and set military lasers upon the world's crop fields and drew designs on the ground. These designs are to stimulate the brain for new knowledge. The people doing this are nice people wanting a benevolent change in the thinking of man due to the negative programming big brother has been campaigning for.

Have you ever seen how lasers cut designs into crystal blocks or how they do intricate duplication of Chinese woodwork? For the fact this is mud all over the military face and totally embarrassing for your taxes. The only people to blame this on are the aliens who walk their dog Big Foot and feed their pet Loch Ness.

Out of the Box


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