Happy Gay Day
 Alibi V.17 No.25 • June 19-25, 2008 


Happy Gay Day

Christie Chisholm

Alibi staffers disguised as Queen’s Freddie Mercury danced their way up Central in a heavenly float last Saturday, June 14, for the Gay Pride Parade. We are all the champions.

Moon Base or Bust

Dear Alibi,

The most important issue of the moment is taking the next steps into space and curtailing our use of resources in wrecking this planet.

Hopefully Europeans, Chinese and Americans will all invest heavily in moon bases, but I'm sure you will want America to be the first to get one up and running, if only by a few weeks.

It's time we left the Cradle of Gaia and formed a new heaven and a new Earth based on solar power, muscle power and passive technology. Also, with a presence in space we could protect the Earth from comets and meteorites.

I suggest lobbying the presidential candidates on this and voting for the one most prepared to get a moon base up and running in the next three to fours years or so.

Malcolm Samuel

Coleraine, Northern Ireland

The Four Commandments

Dear Alibi,

Last week the Albuquerque City Council voted to support an idea by Rep. Kucinich to create a Department of Peace and Nonviolence [Re: Council Watch, “What is Our Nation But All of Us?” June 12-18]. There is a better and cheaper way.

First, remember that peace rests on justice. No justice, no peace. If some group hates you, it is wise to find out what causes it.

Second, teach schoolchildren how the Founding Fathers were anti-war. Washington called it the "plague" of mankind. Jefferson called it the "scourge" of mankind. Jefferson also said, "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations—entangling alliances with none."

Third, strictly follow the Constitution, an anti-war document. Congress only can declare war.

Fourth, those politicians who promote military action around the world must serve in the infantry or not get to vote. Should not they be the first to volunteer and lead in the wars they so passionately instigate? There is precedent. Sen. Jefferson Davis voted for war with Mexico and then left Congress to fight. Make politicians accountable. Our children are not expendable.

Gregory Ozimek


Heart Herrera?

Dear Alibi,

First let me say, I am a lifelong Democrat. Mary Herrera screwed up almost every election she oversaw as county clerk in Bernalillo County. In 2000 and 2004, she made us the laughing stock of the entire nation. Yet the voters saw fit to make her secretary of state. And now, for some reason, everyone is surprised that she's screwing up at an even grander scale, costing the taxpayers of New Mexico $2.6 million!

This ignorant, unqualified dolt needs to be recalled and recalled immediately ... before she can do further harm to the state, the budget and the party's reputation!

Kyle Newman


CORRECTION: In last weeks News Feature ["Prescription for Change," June 12-18] Jonas Hines was referred to as a doctor. Hines is still in medical school and is not a physician. The Alibi regrets the error.

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