Alibi V.17 No.46 • Nov 13-19, 2008 

Special Edition News Crossword

Word Nerd

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Test your local news knowledge with this homemade crossword puzzle.


4. Valerie Plame Wilson lives in this city
7. Constitution Party candidate
8. The Old Pine Box sells environmentally friendly _____
11. A proposed bronze memorial in Albuquerque would connect current wars
to _____
Crossword Answers
Crossword Answers
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13. State regulations stiffened for _____ artists
14. Presidential hopeful's maiden name
16. On his way out
17. The mayor is again considering restricting alcohol sales at some of
these events
19. Tina Fey look-alike
20. Barack _____
23. One of these vehicles gets stolen every other day in Albuquerque
24. Cyclists in the 505 play a far-ranging game of this every other
25. Religious organization that wants to build a church in the Gizmo
26. This nuclear advocate is passing the torch
31. _____ Maneuver (Hint: CD1)
33. The City Council is considering building an _____ Downtown
36. Issue most important to voters
37. Sen. Joe _____
40. Neighbors sued the city over the _____ stadium
42. Reagan's face is tattooed on his calf
43. To lessen the impact on the aquifer, Albuquerque will drink _____
46. An 88-year-old woman with _____ registered to vote
47. Bingaman's new fellow senator
48. The Bernalillo County clerk
51. The Duke City travel team beat No. 1-ranked Kansas City Roller _____
53. Fairgoers made the longest chile _____ ever recorded
54. The longtime TV chief meteorologist who was fired by phone
55. The state hasn't figured out how to distribute medical _____
56. Senate candidate who lost to Udall
57. This Burque neighbor is trying to become its own town, city or village
58. Until January 2009, Obama is the president-_____


1. Won the race to become Bernalillo County treasurer
2. Number of years we've been in Iraq
3. First Dem in 30 years in Southern New Mexico
5. A drug Albuquerque police say they found at the big Club 7 bust
6. It's put on cars with too many parking tickets
9. Albuquerque business accused of selling duplicated CDs
10. Won Cheney's endorsement
12. Two presidential terms
14. I can see _____ from my house
15. Drag queen activist, the first openly gay man to run for office in the
United States
18.State politician with the same name as his dad
19. Virgin Galactic won't shoot the first of these films in space
22. Lost her seat in the House to run for Senate
27. The state opened the first _____ arts high school this year
28. Gay couples from Albuquerque went here to get married
29. Inauguration Day in January
30. APS opened a charter school in this kind of punitive facility
32. The first openly gay man to win an office in the United States
34. UNM faculty called out President _____
35. Commander in chief's moniker
38. Richardson called a Special Session for this
39. Bob Barr's political party
41. Painted on Mikey Weinstein's house
44. Green Party presidential candidate
45. Jason ______ kept his seat on the PRC
49. _____ the vote
50. A Midway worker at the State Fair
52. Presidential candidate, yet again