Alibi V.17 No.48 • Nov 27-Dec 3, 2008 


Clothes for the Holidays

Dear Alibi,

[Re: Newscity, “Crossroads for Women,” Nov. 20-26] I was very glad to see Adam Fox's coverage of Crossroads for Women and the recently opened Crossroads Bazaar—great organization and wonderful resale shop! However, I just wanted to set things straight about the nonprofit occupying the little space at 102 Richmond NE just prior. We were Community Clotheshorse, not Community Clothes Stores (easy to see how one could sound like the other when spoken). We had the very specific mission of dressing low-income women who were entering the workforce; none of our clothing stock was for sale. I hope Fox's piece brings the Bazaar lots of shoppers—they've created a great place to shop.

Alison Franks


Fear and Loathing

Dear Alibi,

[Re: Letters, “Police State,” Nov. 6-12] In April 2007 I had an unpleasant experience with a couple crooked APD officers. In short, my brother had been pulled over on Tennessee and Central, and I decided to go see what was going on, being that it was just down the road from my apartment. My friend and I walked along the opposite side of the street to avoid interfering and I asked my brother what was going on. He said he didn’t know.

At that point, the officer in the passenger seat jumped out, yelling, “What the fuck are you doing? Get on the side of the grass now!” So we did just that, even though I thought maybe he wasn’t quite reacting the right way. I tried to explain to him the situation, that he was my brother, we lived down the street and we just wanted to see what the deal was.

He told me to get my hands out of my pocket, and as I was taking them out, he threw me to the cement and put me in cuffs. “Why am I being arrested?” I demanded. He punched me in the nose. I watched from the back of a cop car as my friend was beaten by the other cop and brought over to the curb and repeatedly Tasered and kicked in the ribs on the curb, after he was in cuffs. At the police station, they had the nerve to tell us it could have been worse, they could have shot us!

Even though this happened awhile ago, I know that some of this behavior by APD still goes on and is inexcusable. They tried to make justifications for using force, when really all was needed was a little explaining. The Police Oversight Committee disregarded the complaint.

Jeff Commissaris


Two Good Men

Dear Alibi,

As the well-deserved euphoria dissipates, we New Mexicans must quickly awaken to what we have really just won in this last election.

Not only did we deliver our “swing” state to President-elect Obama, but wins for Sen.-elect Udall, and Reps.-elect Teague, Henirich and Lujan, along with the respected leadership of Sen. Bingaman and Gov. Richardson, have given us serious “blue state” power.

Moreover, with our abundant solar capability, large tracts of inexpensive public and private land, and two stellar national science and research laboratories (LANL and Sandia), we have all of the crucial elements to be a serious leader in Obama’s $150 billion national new “green” deal and clean energy economy. The payoff to New Mexican families would be immense, to say the least.

This promise can be easily undone if we lose either Richardson or Bingaman (or both) to non-germane executive appointments in the new administration.

I am unequivocally supportive of Obama’s clean energy vision—however, not at the expense of New Mexico losing her rightful leadership in this mission.

We need Sen. Bingaman to remain chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. His role will be critical when a new energy bill is presented and to ensure that New Mexico is not overlooked.

Should Gov. Richardson not receive an offer for either Secretary of State or a (welcome) return to Secretary of Energy, I would urge him to stay at the helm of New Mexico during the remainder of his term and not abdicate leadership for a lesser position (like ambassador to China).

In the coming national economic and energy crisis, New Mexico and our new congressional team will need both of these men and their energy policy expertise and experience, lest the people of New Mexico stand the serious risk of losing an irrevocable opportunity, perhaps forever.

Matthew Ellis

Vivilux Consulting

Santa Fe, N.M.

The Perfect Disaster: GWB

Dear Alibi,

[Re: Blog, “Richardson v. Clinton,” Nov. 15] Wouldn't you think that in eight years, GWB would have gotten one teeny-weeny thing right? Just one? I mean, he knew he was a dim lightbulb, so wouldn't you think he would surround himself with some brighties to make himself look good? Instead, we got a cabinet full of even dimmer bulbs. I mean, think back: state, defense, education, homeland security, environment, public safety, emergency readiness, commerce, etc. ... every one a loser. I've saved treasury for last. Just when we thought GWB couldn't fuck up the U.S.A. any more, along comes the economic disaster of the last three months. And in charge? You guessed it: another dimfuck who doesn't know what he's doing and is following the familiar GWB pattern of secrecy and throwing money at anything, hoping it sticks and fixes the mess. Who would think that one "president" could cause the perfect storm of utter destruction, and then go, even today, strutting around with that smirk on his face, not even realizing what he has caused?


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