Alibi V.17 No.50 • Dec 11-17, 2008 

Answer Me This

Why is the leader of a suspected cult going to trial? Who is UNM’s next football coach? The city is selling what surplus items online? And teachers are asked to do what because the Rio Rancho Public Schools system is broke?

1) What is the leader of Lord Our Righteousness Church being tried for?

a. Starting a cult

b. Not allowing those in his congregation to leave the church grounds

c. Sexually abusing church members

d. All of the above

2. Who has UNM agreed to hire as its new football coach?

a. An offensive coordinator for the Fighting Illini

b. A defensive coordinator for the Arizona Wildcats

c. A former UNM assistant coach

d. A former head coach for the Florida Gators

3) What kinds of things can people find on the city's auction website?

a. Pianos

b. Desks

c. Buses

d. Fire hydrants

e. Everything except D

4) What were Rio Rancho Public Schools teachers asked to do as a result of budget cuts?

a. Use textbooks that are three decades old

b. Take a longterm unpaid leave of absence

c. Teach special-ed and regular-ed students simultaneously

d. Incorporate physical education into all classes so that P.E. coaches can be laid off


1) C. The leader of Lord Our Righteousness Church near Clayton, N.M., is being charged with sexually abusing followers. Wayne Bent says all contact between himself and church members is an act of God. His trial began Monday, Dec. 8.

2) A. UNM is going to hire University of Illinois offensive coordinator Mike Locksley to replace Rocky Long, UNM's football honcho for 11 years. Locksley has 17 years of football coaching experience.

3) E. The city is auctioning off surplus items online, including grand pianos, transit buses, desks and computer equipment. The potential Christmas gifts are all items the city doesn't need anymore. Bidders can jump in at

4) B. Rio Rancho Public Schools asked teachers with more than three consecutive years of experience to take an unpaid leave of absence for the second semester of the 2008-2009 school year. The school system is facing a $4 million budget shortage. Sue Passell, the district's executive director of human resources, says the goal is to avoid layoffs. The district is so far only asking teachers to voluntarily leave their posts.