Answer Me This
 Alibi V.18 No.18 • April 30-May 6, 2009 

Answer Me This

What is New Mexico doing to prepare for swine flue? What act of animal cruelty was a man charged with? Which public official is heading to Iraq? And big news in Lobo Land.

1) What is the state doing to prepare for the possibility of swine flu in New Mexico?

a. State agencies are sticking to in-place emergency response plans.

b. The governor has declared a state of emergency.

c. The Department of Health is coordinating with national agencies to look for swine flu cases in New Mexico.

d. A and C

2) Police say a man did what to a dog?

a. Threw it onto a roof

b. Starved it

c. Trained it for dog fights

d. Ate it

3) Which local official is leaving for Iraq?

a. The state treasurer

b. A city councilor

c. Mayor Martin Chavez

d. Albuquerque's chief financial officer

4) What's the buzz in Lobo sports?

a. Lobo men's basketball coach Steve Alford is leaving UNM.

b. The women's tennis team is ranked No. 1 in the country.

c. Two former Lobo football players were selected in the NFL draft.

d. A women's softball coach is training for the Olympics.


1) D. State departments have emergency response plans in place and the state Department of Health is working with national agencies to find possible swine flu cases. As of Monday, April 27, there were no confirmed cases in New Mexico. The flu has infected 1,600 people in Mexico, where 149 people have died from the disease.

2) A. Albuquerque Police Department officers say they arrested a man for throwing a puppy onto the roof of a bus shelter. Witnesses say the man picked up the dog, began shaking it, then tossed it several feet into the air onto the roof.

3) D. Chief Financial Officer Anna Lamberson is going to Iraq with a private contractor to help rebuild local governments. Lamberson worked for Mayor Martin Chavez and former Mayor Jim Baca. The University of Utah graduate will act as a public-finance advisor for the Research Triangle Institute.

4) C. Former Lobo cornerbacks Glover Quin and DeAndre Wright were drafted into the NFL on Sunday, April 26. Quin was selected in the fourth round of the draft by the Houston Texans and Wright got picked up in the sixth by the New York Giants. Two former New Mexico State players, Derrick Richardson and Chris Williams, signed as free agents with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins, respectively.