Alibi V.21 No.34 • Aug 23-29, 2012 

Answer Me This

1) Who slings blue rock in Albuquerque?
a. Your cousin
b. Bryan Cranston
c. Rebel Donut
d. The Candy Lady
e. Both C and D

2) Who helped save an injured driver in Southern New Mexico?
a. A chile farmer
b. A retired ambulance driver
c. An intelligent collie pup
d. An inmate work crew

3) A new chile law aims to do what?
a. Increase heat level
b. Block impostors
c. Prevent pink chile
d. Outlaw the inclusion of cumin in red chile sauce

4) Money Magazine included Rio Rancho on its list of 100 what?
a. Best places to live
b. Worst places to live
c. Cities that are likely to run out of water
d. Top witness protection havens


1) E. The Candy Lady in Old Town has crafted a sweet modeled after the famous azul meth in "Breaking Bad." The shop initially created the product to serve as a prop on the show. Rebel Donut in the Northeast Heights also cooked up a confection covered in blue meth-like topping, which actor Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse Pinkman) posed with for a photo.

2) D. A man driving a truck on I-10 had a sudden heart problem and swerved off the rode, careening through a barbed-wire fence. A prison inmate work crew came to his rescue. Carlos Fierro, a former Santa Fe lobbyist, is serving a sentence for vehicular homicide. He helped perform CPR on the driver, who wasn't breathing, until an ambulance came.

3) B. The Chile Advertising Act says that only chile grown in the state can be labeled as New Mexico chile. Competing peppers from other states or countries—such as China or Peru—has been misleadingly sold as "New Mexico-grown" in recent years, eating into local farmers' profits and forcing them to cultivate cotton instead. In 1992, there were 34,000 acres of chile in New Mexico, and by 2010, that had dwindled to just 9,000 acres. About 10 percent of the state's crop has been harvested so far this year.

4) A. Rio Rancho came in No. 58 on a list of 100 great places to live in the United States. Once just Albuquerque's suburb, "Rio Rancho is coming into its own," wrote Money. No. 1 on the list was Carmel, Ind. The ranking was based on jobs, schools, crime rates, health care and entertainment. No other cities in our state made the list.