Alibi V.22 No.43 • Oct 24-30, 2013 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Oct. 24, 2013

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1) Walter White’s funeral raised some eyebrows because:

a) It raised over a million dollars for charity.

b) Very few members of the DiMeo crime family attended.

c) Some attendees openly consumed Substance D at the event.

d) The funeral was for a fictional character on teevee, yo.

Atlantic Releasing

2) The above-referenced funeral was to be streamed on Youtube, but this part of the event was blocked because:

a) It would be a violation of applicable copyright laws.

b) It is forbidden to depict unwholesome events on the interwebz.

c) The Chinese protested the funeral at the UN.

d) Magnets, bitch.


3) A USA Today poll ranked which UNM sports team number 17 in the nation?

a) Women’s tennis

b) Coed cricket

c) Men’s basketball

d) Formula One racing

Anonymous/ Associated Press

4) What are this year’s two most popular Halloween costumes?

a) Miley Cyrus and Walter White

b) Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth

c) David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen

d) Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer

Universal Pictures

5) A cloud of what substance caused a Hazmat situation in southern New Mexico last week?

a) Depleted uranium

b) Chili powder

c) Tortilla juice

d) Melange


1) D. Some folks complained that a funeral for a fictional television personage was disrespectful to those actually in need of a final earthly resting place and their families. Organizers responded to the criticism by choosing to relocate W.W.’s headstone at the Village Shops at Los Ranchos.

2) A. A corporation called Sony blocked the webcast of Walter’s funeral.

3) C. USA Today ranked the UNM men’s basketball team 17th in the nation in a recent preseason poll.

4) A. Google sez Miley and Walter are outpacing all other late-October imitative threads.

5) B. KRQE reported that after workers complained of “irritated eyes, sore throats and bloody noses,” the regional Hazmat team traveled to a Las Cruces factory and discovered a cloud of habanero chili powder.