Odds & Ends
 Alibi V.22 No.50 • Dec 12-18, 2013 

Odds & Ends

Odds and Ends

Dateline: Sweden

A 51-year-old inmate allegedly broke out of prison in order to visit the dentist, then turned himself back in after the appointment. The inmate escaped from Oestragaard prison in southwestern Sweden in November, just two days before he was scheduled to be released, “because he had a toothache and wanted to go to the dentist,” prison officials said. The inmate had allegedly complained about his tooth problems to prison officials for four days before vanishing from the low-security facility. “My entire face was completely swollen,” the man told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “In the end I just couldn’t stand it.” After getting his tooth treated, the man turned himself in to local police. His original one-month sentence was increased by a single day. He was released from prison later that week. “Now I only have to pay the dentist bill,” he said.

Dateline: Italy

An Italian man has been arrested after posing as a Mafia chief in order to get free drinks and croissants. Ubaldo Citarella, 52, allegedly “boasted for days” to a bartender in the Southern Italian town of Battipaglia that he was a high-ranking Mafia boss from the Camorra clan. According to The Local newspaper, Citarella was “eating croissants and drinking coffee and soft drinks” at the bar. When asked to pay for his snacks, Citarella reportedly left a can of gasoline outside the bar. The bartender eventually got tired of doling out free croissants and called the police. Citarella was arrested. Investigators are attempting to establish whether or not he is involved with the Mafia.

Dateline: England

Police in Norfolk county are advising residents that if they are confronted with clowns, the best thing to do is simply ignore them. Apparently the seaport town of King’s Lynn has been experiencing an epidemic of clowns lately. The clown craze began in nearby Northampton and has since spread to King’s Lynn. Several unnerving sightings have been reported around the town in eastern England. According to The Metro newspaper, a citizen contacted local police earlier this month after being scared by a man in a clown outfit in Gaywood, near King’s Lynn. Superintendent Carl Edwards said no one had been injured, but he did issue a clown-related warning. “Firstly I’d like to stress that it isn’t against the law to dress up as a clown,” Edwards said. “Nobody has been assaulted and it appears that the people involved are waiting for a passerby to be startled by their appearance and run away, and then the clown runs after them for a short distance. We know there has been a lot of gossip and conversations about this on social media channels, not just in Norfolk, and it is important to gain a perspective on these incidents. We appreciate this can worry people, especially the young or elderly. The most effective way to behave if you are to see someone dressed up is to give no reaction—because that’s what they are after.”

Dateline: Georgia

A man has been arrested and charged with “theft of power,” after stealing roughly 5 cents worth of electricity from his son’s school to power up his electric car. Kaveh Kamooneh, of Decatur, was attending a Saturday morning tennis practice session for his 11-year-old son on Nov. 2 at Chamblee Middle School. While his son played tennis, the 50-year-old motorist plugged his Nissan LEAF into a power outlet outside the school. According to a report from the Chamblee Police Department, an officer responded to a complaint of a car left parked and charging at the school. “He told me he was going to arrest me for theft,” Kamooneh said of the officer who showed up. According to Kamooneh his car was plugged in for approximately 20 minutes. Clean Cities Atlanta, an electric vehicle advocacy group, told WXIA in Atlanta that the time equated to roughly a nickle’s worth of electricity. More than a week later, police showed up at Kamooneh’s door and handcuffed him. “I quickly realized it was from the events that had happened 11 days back,” Kamooneh said. “He stole something that wasn’t his,” Sgt. Ernesto Ford of the Chamblee Police Department told WXIA. “A theft is a theft.”

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.