Alibi V.23 No.14 • April 3-9, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: April 3, 2014

APD Chief Gordon Eden
APD Chief Gordon Eden
1) On Sunday, public protests against APD lasted over 10 hours and resulted in _________________.

a) The resignation of Police Chief Gordon Eden

b) The indictment of officer Keith Sandy

c) An overdue police apology to the citizens of Albuquerque

d) At least four arrests for disturbing the peace

A wild New Mexican horse
A wild New Mexican horse
2) The United States Bureau of Land Management wants citizen input on the issue of controlling ____________ in 10 states, including New Mexico.

a) Unruly mobs

b) Brutal police

c) Wild horses and burros

d) Anonymous hackers

Seattle at sunset
Seattle at sunset
3) Alaska Airlines will offer nonstop service to Albuquerque from what city starting September 18, 2014?

a) Seattle

b) Portland

c) Vancouver

d) Anchorage

“Put. A. Bird. On. It.”
“Put. A. Bird. On. It.”
4) The building that formerly housed the Atomic Cantina, at 315 Gold SW, will soon reopen as ______________.

a) A restaurant called Ghost Flame Grill

b) A skate shop named Destructo

c) An APD substation

d) A hep boutique—with a bird on it

Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear
Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear
5) Last week, some bears being held captive for somewhat appreciative human audiences at the Roswell Zoo attempted to __________.

a) Steal a pic-a-nic basket

b) Stage a protest

c) Escape

d) Join the circus


1) D. During the lengthy protests, which saw some questionable behavior among some participants, APD arrested at least four individuals for disturbing the peace. An earlier, print version of this story cited an Eyewitness News 4 report of six arrests.

2) C. BLM is seeking research proposals aimed at controlling populations of wild horses and burros in 10 states, and New Mexico is one of them.

3) A. Beginning this fall, Alaska Airlines will offer two flights per day between Albuquerque and Seattle.

4) A. Karen Vigil-Suazo is moving her food truck business into the old Atomic haunt. The joint will be called Ghost Flame Grill.

5) C. Ursula and Sierra, prisoners at the Roswell Zoo bear enclosure, couldn’t bear captivity any longer and tried to escape last week.