Alibi V.23 No.17 • April 24-30, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: April 24, 2013

CC BY by Chun Kit To
1) Last Friday, Adrian Griego was arrested and charged with making _________ in his backyard.

a) Whoopie

b) Bombs

c) Funny animal noises

d) Dinner

Mack Sennett
2) An article in the April 11 issue of The Atlantic is titled “The __________ of the Albuquerque Police Department.”

a) Jocularity

b) Beauty

c) Brutality

d) Humorous antics

CC BY David Trawin
3) __________ use continues to decline in the Duke City.

a) Water

b) Tequila

c) Marijuana

d) Melamine

CC BY John Spade
4) The latest living being killed by APD was a(n) _______________

a) Human being

b) Alleged criminal

c) Woman

d) All of the above

5) In Farmington, N.M., a billboard featuring _______________ was defaced with an arrow.

a) The Beatles

b) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

c) Jesus Christ

d) Katniss Everdeen


1) B. Southeast Albuquerque resident Adrian Griego has been charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary device.

2) C. The article in question, by Atlantic reporter Conor Friedersdorf, is titled “The Brutality of the Albuquerque Police Department.”

3) A. Journal science correspondent John Fleck says water use declined by 2.6 percent over the past year.

4) D. In the latest officer-involved shooting, local cops shot and killed a female auto theft suspect who ran when confronted by officers.

5) C. The vandals shot the image of the holy savior right between the eyes.