Crib Notes: May 1, 2014
 Alibi V.23 No.18 • May 1-7, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: May 1, 2014

CC BY digitonin
1) Which Isotope got called up to LA this week?

a) Carlos Triunfel

b) Alex Guerrero

c) Miguel Rojas

d) Miguel Olivo

CC BY stevendepolo
2) Duke City biciclistas are unhappy with the Department of Municipal Development’s decision to _________________.

a) Ban fixies from local roadways

b) Require unitards to be bright yellow for safety

c) Eliminate bike lanes from major city streets

d) Radically change plans for a bicycle-friendly bridge over I-25

3) Two former scientists from Sandia Labs have developed ___________________.

a) A method of teleportation that rivals the technology on “Star Trek”

b) Sentient nuclear devices

c) A fertility test for men

d) A means of communicating with the Elder Gods

CC BY Joseph Morris
4) Albuquerque _____________ sales increased during the first quarter of 2014.

a) Home

b) Bong

c) Methylamine

d) E-cigarette

Paramount Pictures
5) What corporation is set to add 270 jobs to the Albuquerque economy?

a) Stark Industries

b) Yoyodyne Systems

c) Sitel



1) A. This week, infielder Triunfel trades in his Isotope uniform for Dodger blue.

2) D. Cyclists are upset about plans to move the bridge and make it pedestrian accessible.

3) C. Greg Sommer and Ulrich Schaff, formerly of Sandia Labs, licensed the technology for the test from our national laboratory.

4) A. The Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors has data showing an increase in sales and prices during the referenced timeframe.

5) C. Sitel, a global corporation that provides solutions to customer care via telephone, recently announced plans to expand in the Albuquerque employment arena.