Crib Notes: May 8, 2014
 Alibi V.23 No.19 • May 8-14, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: May 8, 2014

CC BY Ben Watts
1) A local man was stabbed when he visited __________________.

a) A dangerous section of town

b) A dark alley

c) A neighborhood yard sale

d) A-Mi-Gusto bar

CC BY J Brew
2) What Northeast Heights bookstore will close for good this summer?

a) Alamosa Books

b) Salt of the Earth Books

c) Living Batch Bookstore

d) Full Circle Books

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3) A contagious virus shut down an Albuquerque charter school last week. What virus caused the unexpected vacation for students and educators?

a) Solanum virus

b) Krippin Virus

c) Human Cortico-Deficiency Virus

d) Norovirus

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4) Last Friday students from the surrounding area took part in a space-travel simulation project at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory, what planet was the supposed destination?

a) Giedi Prime

b) Gamma Trianguli VI

c) Mars

d) Volyen

CC BY Lenny Montana
5) HuffPo says Santa Fe is one of the eight most-underrated _________ cities in the grand ol’ USA.

a) Weed

b) Capitalist zombie

c) Petulant hipster-friendly

d) Beer


1) C. A man was stabbed multiple times after stopping at a local yard sale and arguing with another customer. As of press time, no arrests have been made.

2) A. In a sad but common story in these parts, owner Elizabeth Anker said, “We have not received the level of support from our community necessary to support a bookstore.”

3) D. Norovirus, the same contagious pathogen responsible for so many recent cruise ship problems, closed down 21st Century Public Academy, a local charter school.

4) C. More than a thousand local kids took part in the simulated mission to the red planet. Event organizer Ronda Cole hopes to interest students in science and engineering careers through such innovative learning environments and projects.

5) D. Its beer makes Santa Fe an appealing tourist destination, according to the travel experts at Huffington Post.