Alibi V.23 No.21 • May 22-28, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: May 22, 2014

CC BY Harald Groven
1) Investigation of a scandal involving a prominent federal agency and its facilities has expanded to include Albuquerque. Which federal agency is involved?

a) Department of Homeland Security

b) Department of Veterans Affairs

c) Department of State

d) Department of Infinite Bureaucracy

Wikimedia Commons
2) A local business central to the “Breaking Bad” mythos has been sold. The name of the business—called A1A on the teevee show—was actually ________________.

a) Gray Matter Technologies

b) Los Pollos Hermanos

c) Octopus Car Wash

d) Madrigal Electromotive GmbH

CC BY Jeremy Taylor
3) Two drunken brothers traveled from Burque all the way to Sandia Crest just to start a _____________.

a) Fight

b) Poetry festival

c) Rock band

d) Car

CC BY Zé Carlos Barretta
4) Albuquerque Little Theater will close out this year’s season with a production of ________________ slated to open on May 23.

a) Cats

b) The Tempest

c) Uncle Vanya

d) Les Misérables

CC BY Martin Fisch
5) The two individuals seeking the Republican nomination for candidacy in House District One are named:

a) Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Joseph Stalin

b) Mike Frese and Richard Priem

c) Jonas Grumby and Willy Gilligan

d) William Abbott and Lou Costello


1) B. According to The Daily Beast, the Albuquerque Veterans Affairs Hospital is part of an ongoing investigation into administrative and treatment improprieties.

2) C. Mister Car Wash, a Tucson firm, is buying all six locations of Octopus Car Wash, including the Menaul Boulevard location made famous as A1A Car Wash in “Breaking Bad.”

3) A. Brothers Waylon Plummer and Ronald Begay attacked a couple visiting Sandia Crest last weekend.

4) D. With a cast of more than 40 players, Les Misérables closes out the season for ALT.

5) B. The Republicans running for the District One House seat are both political newcomers who seek to rein in the supposed excesses of the federal government.