Alibi V.23 No.23 • June 5-11, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: June 5, 2014

CC BY Donnie Nunley
1) There were so many _____________ infesting Burque that they showed up on regional weather radar.

a) Armed citizens

b) Grasshoppers

c) Venusians

d) Large, toothy fish

CC BY Bernd Eckenfels
2) In local boxing news, Albuquerque welterweight Josh Torres scored a KO against ______________ Saturday night at La Cascada Hotel.

a) Tony DeMarco

b) Emile Griffith

c) Francisco Lira

d) Roberto Duran

CC BY Robert S. Donovan
3) A cook at a corrections training facility in the South Valley has been accused of:

a) Licking sandwiches

b) Using butter in their recipes

c) Staring fancifully at the salad

d) Burning the crème brûlée

CC BY Nic McPhee
4) On Thursday, a man armed with a fire extinguisher undressed and caused a scene at a(n) ________________ near the university.

a) Head shop

b) Anarchist bookstore

c) Used record store

d) Hot dog restaurant

CC BY Boston Public Library
5) After being faulted by his town’s mayor for an investigation that was “very shoddy,” the police chief of ______________, N.M. resigned last week.

a) Lemitar

b) Albuquerque

c) Grants

d) Cubero


1) B. Huge swarms of grasshoppers in the Albuquerque area have been showing up as massive blotches on the sensitive weather equipment.

2) C. Torres knocked out Sonoran competitor Francisco Lira in the second round of their fight.

3) A. Yolanda Arguello is accused of licking the cheese in sandwiches she served to corrections officials, among other improprieties.

4) D. The bizarre event, featuring a man named Zachary, took place at Torpedo Dog, a restaurant on Harvard Avenue.

5) C. Chief Steve Serna of Grants announced his resignation over the weekend.