Alibi V.23 No.24 • June 12-18, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: June 12, 2014

UFC via Facebook
1) In the main event of a UFC Fight Night recently held in Albuquerque, lightweight Ben Henderson defeated ________________.

a) Josh Thomson

b) Rustam Khabilov

c) Donald Cerrone

d) Chris Weidman

CC BY goodiesfirst
2) Which popular restaurant chain won’t be opening at a newly remodeled Winrock Center this year after all?

a) In-N-Out Burger

b) Don Bugito

c) Joe’s Crab Shack

d) Trader Vic’s

CC BY pfly
3) How did the Albuquerque Isotopes beat the Tacoma Rainiers last Sunday?

a) An unanswered two run-homer in the fifth

b) A sacrifice fly in the ninth

c) A stand-up triple in the eighth

d) The Rainiers forfeited after seeing the Isotopes’ lineup.

CC BY Clyde Robinson
4) The Albuquerque Police Department is now the target of at least four __________________ filed on one day last week.

a) Cease and desist letters

b) Civil lawsuits

c) Stern governmental reprimands

d) Criminal complaints

CC BY David Prasas
5) Despite a destructive fire at company headquarters, this year’s International ___________ Festival began as scheduled on Sunday night.

a) Sasquatch

b) Tree-climbing

c) Evaporative cooler repair

d) Flamenco


1) B. Henderson stopped Dagestan native Rustam Khabilov in the fourth round.

2) C. Joe’s Crab Shack won’t open until next year, according to Goodman Realty Group.

3) A. Trayvon Robinson’s fifth-inning round-tripper was key in the Isotopes’ victory.

4) B. Claims of retaliation, negligence and unnecessary deaths resulted in at least four lawsuits being filed against APD last week.

5) D. This year’s International Flamenco Festival began Sunday and continues throughout the week.