Alibi V.23 No.28 • July 10-16, 2014 

Odds & Ends

Odds and Ends

Dateline: Wisconsin

A woman who gave up looking for her missing wedding ring after five years was unexpectedly reunited with it when her dog suddenly barfed it up. Last month Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point was eating a popsicle with her granddaughter when the treat suddenly vanished. The prime suspect was Matykowski’s mutt, Tucker. “He is known in the family to be the food burglar,” Matykowski told WAOW-9 News. The accusation of food thievery was quickly confirmed when the frozen treat soon made a return appearance—stick and all. Two days later the 10-year-old dog began vomiting again. As Matykowski was cleaning up the mess, she spotted her missing diamond ring.” I look in the paper towel and here is my wedding ring,” Matykowski said. “I kid you not. My wedding ring was in Tucker’s puke.” Tucker’s veterinarian suggested that the popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring inside his stomach. “Friends have said, ‘I want a dog that throws up diamonds!’ Who wouldn’t, right?” Matykowski told WAOW.

Dateline: Utah

A woman arrested in Provo for trying to purchase methamphetamine from an off-duty police officer claims she was only purchasing the drugs as a birthday gift for her sister. Heather Rodriguez, 46, allegedly approached an off-duty police officer and pulled a glass pipe from her bra. Authorities say she told them her sister asked her to get some meth for her birthday. Also, Rodriguez claimed the pipe was not hers. She was only holding it for a friend. According to the Daily Herald, Rodriguez was booked into Utah County Jail on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia in a drug-free zone and attempted possession of meth for distribution.

Dateline: Florida

A man has been arrested for animal cruelty and domestic battery after allegedly punching his girlfriend’s pet rabbit over an argument about women’s rights. According to a Boynton Beach Police report, 28-year-old James Wertz became enraged when his girlfriend told him she wanted to end their relationship after he refused to stop arguing and screaming. Wertz then allegedly began “punching and squeezing” the woman’s bunny. The woman intervened, and Wertz apologized. But when she tried to call 911, the Palm Beach Post reports that Wertz threw his girlfriend across the room. Both the girlfriend and the rabbit are expected to recover.

Dateline: Florida

Spring is in the air along Florida’s Treasure Coast. Sheriff’s deputies in St. Lucie County say they were flagged down by a 25-year-old man who informed them he was being chased by a 56-year-old woman with a cane and a hunting knife because he refused to have sex with her. According to the Metro News, Crue Finley said he was hanging out with 56-year-old Elizabeth Highley at her Jensen Beach home on the night of June 16 drinking wine. Finley said that at one point Highley wanted to have sex with him, but he refused. Angry over the rebuff, Highley allegedly lost control, grabbed a cane and a hunting knife and started chasing her would-be sex partner. Finley flagged down a deputy in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store. Highley soon ran into the parking lot with a knife in one hand and what appeared to be a broken walking cane in the other. The deputy ordered her to drop the weapons and get on the ground. Highley was arrested on an aggravated assault charge. According to the deputy’s report, Highley smelled of alcohol and “didn’t appear to care that she was going to jail.”

Dateline: Florida

It was a drive-by shooting for the ages. A 71-year-old man has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he allegedly shot his son while the younger man attempted to make a very slow getaway on a riding mower. According to, Marshall Harmon was taken into custody in Escambia County on the night of June 27. Harmon and his 32-year-old son got into a verbal altercation that evening, which ended with the younger Mr. Harmon fleeing the scene on a riding mower. The older Mr. Harmon chose to pursue him in a pickup truck, however. Harmon pulled alongside his son and fired two shots, one of which struck him in the neck. Officials said the wound did not appear to be life threatening. Harmon was taken into custody at the scene and taken to Escambia County Jail on $25,000 bond.

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