Alibi V.23 No.31 • July 31-Aug 6, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Thursday, July 31, 2014

1) A group of citizens in Albuquerque is pushing for reduced penalties related to the possession of ________________.

a) Bananadine

b) Mood patches

c) Drencrom

d) Marijuana

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2) While visiting Reno, Nev., some members of the Albuquerque Isotopes got into a “bench-clearing brawl” with _______________.

a) The opposing team, known as the Aces

b) A hot dog salesman known as Ace

c) Lemmy Kilmister for singing “Ace of Spades”

d) A group of clerks visiting from the local Ace Hardware store

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3) Heavy rains this past weekend in Bernalillo County caused _________________.

a) The weather service to issue a flood advisory

b) Protesters to demonstrate on Central Avenue

c) Frogs to fall from the sky

d) The Rapture

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4) Two Albuquerque men were arrested after they approached a Jack in the Box drive-thru with __________________.

a) A McDonald’s Happy Meal

b) A cease and desist order from Blake’s Lotaburger

c) An AR-15 and a child with a soiled nappy

d) The Burger King, driving erratically

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5) A local 911 call about a home invasion resulted in the discovery of ______________ .

a) Alien intelligence from Venus

b) A large bull snake

c) A rogue APD officer disguised as Santa Claus

d) William Shatner in a particularly bad mood


1) D. Organizers are distributing a petition aimed at reducing marijuana possession penalties in New Mexico.

2) A. Ten players were ejected Friday night in Reno, following an on-field fight between the Isotopes and the Aces.

3) A. It rained so much that on Sunday, the National Weather Service issued a flood advisory for our home county.

4) C. The two men were arrested after employees noticed an AR-15 rifle and a baby without a car seat at a local Jack in the Box.

5) B. Luckily it was a non-poisonous snake released back into the wild after making its way into a local home.