Alibi V.23 No.33 • Aug 14-20, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Aug. 14, 2014

Warner Bros.
1) Facing bankruptcy, the Four Hills Country Club was acquired by new investors and renamed ___________________.

a) The Canyon Club

b) Bushwood Country Club

c) Barrytown

d) The Manzano Base Designated Recreation Area

ABQ Journal
2) A would-be larcenist was killed when he ________________ a local smoke shop.

a) Bought Spice at

b) Tried to rob

c) Hid in the trash compactor at

d) Tried to bring a plague upon

20th Century Fox
3) An Albuquerque man faced a judge on Sunday for allegedly threatening others with ___________________.

a) A catapult

b) Danny Trejo

c) A machete

d) A big red balloon

ABQ Journal
4) The Albuquerque Public School Board is investigating __________________.

a) Widespread truancy

b) Superintendent Winston Brooks

c) Textbooks that contain references to evolution

d) The nutritional value of school lunches

Wikimedia Commons
5) Late last week Mayor Berry traveled to Window Rock, Ariz., to discuss _______________________.

a) Unique geologic formations

b) The popularity of frybread in Albuquerque

c) An end to colonialism

d) Native American homelessness


1) A. Local investors spent the past eight months coming up with a plan to save the former Four Hills Country Club, now called The Canyon Club.

2) B. Although initial reports were confusing, it now appears a would-be robber was killed at the Oasis Smoke Shop on Menaul.

3) C. Clemente Moreno was arrested on Saturday for brandishing a machete.

4) B. A personnel issue came up during his annual review. Now the board is investigating its own superintendent.

5) D. Our Mayor addressed the ongoing humanitarian crisis with Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly.