Crib Notes: Dec. 25, 2014
 Alibi V.23 No.52 • Dec 25-31, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Dec. 25, 2014

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1) The annual Bowl Game held at the University Football Stadium in Burque is called the _______________________.

a) Not-So-Super Bowl

b) The Bud Bowl

c) The Gildan New Mexico Bowl

d) The Lobo Bowl

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2) What organization is challenging the settlement (regarding the Albuquerque Police Department) between the City of Albuquerque and the United States Department of Justice?

a) The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office

b) The Department of Homeland Security

c) The Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association

d) The Albuquerque City Council

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3) Although the radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project near Carlsbad, N.M., was quite serious, investigators still have not actually _________________ the leak or the room it occurred in.

a) Seen

b) Been sickened by

c) Felt

d) Smelled

4) The New Mexico ______________ Festival, held in Bernalillo for the past 27 years, is now a thing of the past.

a) “Breaking Bad”

b) Wine

c) Weed

d) Drunk driving

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5) Presbyterian and UNM Hospitals will be penalized by Medicare officials for having high rates of ___________________.

a) On-the-job drinking

b) Patient disappearances

c) Overnight emergency stays

d) Infection


1) C. This year’s Gildan New Mexico Bowl featured Utah State and the University of Texas at El Paso. The event drew more than 28,000 spectators and generated millions of dollars in income for Duke City businesses.

2) C. The Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association filed a motion on Friday to stop the settlement in its current form. Union officials are concerned the agreement violates a collective bargaining agreement.

3) A. According to WIPP officials and the Albuquerque Journal, no one has actually seen the room where the incident happened or the containers that leaked.

4) B. Due mostly to a drop in attendance, Wine Festival head honcho Maria Rinaldi says last year’s Labor Day fête was the final fest.

5) D. Per the Affordable Care Act, hospitals can be penalized for not adequately addressing infection rates at individual institutions. Other New Mexico facilities that were penalized include hospitals in Roswell and Farmington.