Crib Notes: Jan. 8, 2015
 Alibi V.24 No.2 • Jan 8-14, 2015 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Jan. 8, 2015

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1) Which “Star Trek” actor is headlining this year’s Albuquerque Comic Convention?

a) Leonard Nimoy

b) Chris Pine

c) Patrick Stewart

d) William Shatner

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2) Josephine McAllister of Albuquerque allegedly smuggled a _____________ into the Metropolitan Detention Center, later dumping it in a garbage can.

a) Hacksaw

b) Pound of heroin

c) Gun

d) Phaser

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3) La Tejana, our governor, has selected the nuevomexicano Secretary of ______________ to head the troubled State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department.

a) Tourism

b) Economic Development

c) Public Education

d) Information Technology

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4) Democrat Hector Balderas was sworn in last week as our state’s new ______________.

a) Lieutenant Governor

b) Secretary of Public Education

c) Attorney General

d) Land Commissioner

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5) In late March or early April 2015, a brand-new ________________ will open on Burque’s Westside.

a) Craft beer brewery-slash-toast shop

b) Independent, locally owned bookstore

c) Botanica linked to mystical religious practices

d) Public library branch


1) D. William Shatner—who starred in the role of Captain James Tiberius Kirk on the original “Star Trek” TV show—will be a featured guest at this year’s comic con.

2) C. The individual in question apparently got the weapon past four guards who searched her during the booking process.

3) A. Monique Jacobson, the current nuevomexicano tourism secretary has been appointed to fill the post of secretary-designate of the embattled State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department.

4) C. Succeeding outgoing AG Gary King, former New Mexico State Auditor Hector Balderas is our new attorney general.

5) D. The new $8.4 million library will be the largest branch location in the city. It will include a large selection of Spanish-language books and 40 computers. The library will also create at least 13 new jobs for Albuquerque residents.