Alibi V.24 No.10 • March 5-11, 2015 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: March 5, 2015

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1) The massive snow storm that hit Albuquerque this past weekend _________________.

a) Caused major disruptions for the entirety of the next week

b) Had mostly melted away by the end of the weekend

c) Was caused by a burst of interstellar radiation

d) Was very easy to drive around in

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2) An inordinate amount of APD officers are _______________, says Albuquerque City Councilor Diane Gibson.

a) Eating donuts

b) Watching reruns of “Law and Order: SVU”

c) Retiring early

d) Smoking Cuban cigars

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3) On Monday high school students from all over Albuquerque walked out of class to protest the _________________.

a) PARCC tests

b) Poor quality of food in school cafeterias

c) Lack of quality arts and music programs available

d) War in Syria

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4) The New Mexico Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill that would establish a separate regulatory commission for __________________.

a) Goat ranching

b) Musical performers

c) Tattoo and body piercing artists

d) Underground rave production

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5) Last week another Albuquerque restaurant closed. This time it was the iconic ____________________.

a) Shakey’s Pizza

b) Goody’s Café

c) Frontier Restaurant

d) Paul’s Monterey Inn


1) B. Although eight inches of snow fell in some parts of the city on Friday night, it was mostly gone by Sunday night due to the warm weather that followed.

2) C. Councilor Gibson would like to know why so many local police officers are retiring. She would also like to enact an ordinance that would provide for research and surveys to determine an answer to that question.

3) A. During the first day of the new standardized testing protocols for New Mexico public school students, there were walk-outs at many of our city’s high schools to protest the required exams.

4) C. The legislation would create a separate regulatory body for tattoo and piercing artists; right now these industries are regulated by the same board that oversees barbers and cosmetologists.

5) D. Paul’s Monterey Inn, open for more than 40 years in the Northeast Heights, closed this weekend due to a declining customer base and the health problems of owner Eric Larson.