Alibi V.25 No.33 • Aug 18-24, 2016 


Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety

Dear Alibi,

It has been six years since we have completely removed all of our red light cameras here in Albuquerque. Now Santa Fe and Las Cruces have turned their red light cameras back on. New Mexico has become the number one [state] in pedestrian fatalities for population. Seventy-one pedestrians killed in N.M., forty-one killed just in Bernalillo [County]. It is obvious that we [should] get our red light cameras and speeding vans back in Albuquerque. Seven cyclists were killed in 2014; N.M. is second in the nation for bicycle fatalities. Rio Rancho is planning to get more speeding vans. Albuquerque needs to follow their example.

Sandra Han
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