Alibi V.27 No.8 • Feb 22-28, 2018 


The Deal With Don

Dear Alibi,

What is the deal with this Don Schrader? Although your department listing does not include him as a "contributing writer," it might as well; he seems to have carte blanche to air his screeds. He offers himself as a mahatma, but he only comes across as a jerk.

Lest it be thought, given his oft-stated proclivities, that I'm a jilted paramour, I am not; I'm a regular ("creative") person who wonders why this guy gets press.

G. Robertson


I Love a Parade!

Dear Alibi,

Oh, I do hope Donald Trump is able to get a military parade for himself, and I suppose the nation. I hope he decides to negotiate subcontracting the parade arrangements with N. Korea. They have some impressive high steppers in their parade ranks, and the phallic missiles, that’ll make the public forget about small hands. Here I’d thought that Trump was simply self-serving and generally clueless but he has redeemed himself with the parade initiative. We do live in the best of times.

Ted Truske,


Students Call Out Journal

Dear Alibi editor,

This is the letter the Albuquerque High newspaper sent to the Albuquerque Journal concerning their latest political cartoon [Feb. 7, 2018]:

As the Albuquerque High newspaper class, which publishes the AHS Record; the oldest continuously published school newspaper in New Mexico, we are shocked at the publication of yesterday’s [Feb. 7, 2018] political cartoon depicting immigrants as gang members, suicide bombers and muggers without context or explanation. We realize that the cartoon might have been sarcastic, but we cannot see clear evidence of intent. Publishing this sort of cartoon and then supplying this material to a high school such as ours which is not only diverse (86% minority) but seriously affected by the current immigration hysteria, is both unethical and for most of us, immoral. We expect an explanation either in print or directly to us as to how such a lapse can happen in a city like Albuquerque and a state like New Mexico.


Derek Chavez

The AHS Record

Studying the Southwest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am a student at Cascade Christian Schools, and I am writing a report on the state of New Mexico. We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can about your state. If any of your readers would like to help me by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts, products, etc. from your state, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Blake Maggart, 5th grader

Cascade Christian School

601 Ninth Ave. SE

Puyallup, WA 98372

Haiku for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

sudden screaming run

on brass blood linoleum

whistling mad death class

Leland Turner,

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