Alibi V.27 No.49 • Dec 6-12, 2018 



Dear Editor,

In these dangerous times, why did the Alibi stop publishing letters?
Demagoguery 101:
Make people believe the free press is the enemy
Accuse the opposition of weakness and disloyalty; threaten to lock them up
Rely on personal insults and ridicule
Evoke fear in your audience
Lie, lie lie; when one lie doesn't work, move on to more lies
Substitute emotions for evidence; oversimplify
Promise the impossible
Violate all standards of decorum
Trump in a nutshell. #MAGA2018

Brian Fejer,


Editor’s Response


Because we haven’t had room in the Alibi.
Also, because no one writes letters anymore.
Other than Brian.


Hello Letters,

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Hello Letters,

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Editor’s Response

Dear Brian,


Letters should be sent with the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number via email to They can also be faxed to (505) 256-9651. Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and may be published in any medium; we regret that owing to the volume of correspondence we cannot reply to every letter. Word count limit for letters is 300 words.