Alibi V.13 No.18 • April 29-May 5, 2004 


Memory Lapse

Dear Alibi,

I'm writing with regards to your Best of Burque results for 2004 (April 8-14). For the Best Westside Bar, I'm wondering why Elliott's didn't even get in the top three? They have been No. 1 for years. Slate Street came in at second place ... they are not even Albuquerque! It's Rio Rancho! I just can't believe a place like Our Place II could win and a bar outside the Burque area can round out the top spots.


Boycott the Beast

Dear Alibi,

[RE: Best of Burque, April 8-14]: In defense of the wording contained in the catagory, "No. 2 best venue at which to see live music," I had to slowly ingest my food as my dinner companions read the words clearly correlating to the strong sentiments I have about the blasted Journal Pavilion. I'm happy that the Alibi sees the truth about those Texas evil doers controlling who gets airplay on the hundreds of U.S. radio stations and dictating who doesn't play at the Journal Pavilion.

In "Defending Our Facility" (Letters, April 15-21), Christine Lorello, marketing head honcho for the Journal Pavilion counter spins like Rush Limbaugh high on goof balls! We enjoyed the services at the concessions but why did Clear Channel lie to me when I called them on the dismal sound quality for the thousands sitting in the lawn section? We can all take a drive out to the Pavilion to point out the fact that the facility is without a sound system in the risers located between the lawn section and the stage! A quality sound system was there in the beginning of the 2003 concert season!

Sometime after the Lenny Kravitz appearance the speaker boxes were taken from the egalitarians, the "Working Class," the "... good, hardworking, average people in the middle like us, but we have little or no power."

Myself and another fellow reader have written and been published in the Alibi about poor quality sound at concerts and particularly Ozzfest 2003. Does Lorello address this poop? Hell no!

Here's the first pointed question: Ms. Lorello, when is Clear Channel going to address this deficit by purchasing a sound system for the risers at the Journal Pavilion, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thereby bringing the quality of sound back up to what it was when it opened? The second: Ms. Lorello, how can you market the Journal Pavilion to sell-out shows by providing motorists with poor quality overflow parking (deep loose dirt fields)? The third: Ms. Lorello, how can you keep trying to sell us on our emotions by re-experiencing our first concert experience while the unethical Journal Pavilion director lies about these issues?

I've shared my story with lots of people and this boycott keeps growing and growing. I suggest you announce that you've made changes at the Journal Pavilion or you just may experience a lull in ticket prices. Ask Tingley Coliseum marketeers what they had to do to bring back some musical groups and working class people like us. Roadtrip everyone?

Pat Murphy


Dear Alibi,

Could you please cease and desist with calling Albuquerque "Burque?"

Seriously. It is so lame. It makes no sense. Everyone I know hates it. Yes, everyone.

Why can't we try "The Q"? Or Q-City. Or Q-Town. Or something at least a tiny bit cool-sounding?


Less Tax, Less War

Dear Alibi,

[RE: "The Tao of Tax Avoidance," March 25-31]: This was the best lead story ever in the Alibi—about how Chuck Hosking and Mary Ann Fiske live their convictions for peace, global fairness and environmental sanity.

After World War II, a Jewish rabbi in Germany said what shocked him most was not the terror of the Nazis, but the silence of the good people in Germany. Today what disturbs me more deeply than the horrendous atrocities of Bush the second, Clinton and the U.S. Empire for many decades is how most U.S. peace activists, peace progressives, Quakers, Mennonites, members of Amnesty International, pay U.S. federal income tax for these atrocities—to rob, terrorize, blind, cripple, paralyze, make homeless and murder our sisters and brothers worldwide. We get what we pay for.

Nothing in life is more important than refusing to pay federal income tax for war—no matter who is president, Republican or Democrat. The best The best way to refuse to pay federal income tax for war, with no fines and no threats from the IRS, is to live simply under the taxable level. The federal income taxable level is 2004 for a single person who is under 65 and not blind is $7,950. I lived well all of 2003 on $3,390—less than half the federal income taxable level. I have no right to more than I need while others in this world have less than they need. I enjoy living simply!

As long as you spend like crazy for all kinds of crap you do not need, you will insist on having an income much larger than the taxable level. Your addiction to buying what you do not need keeps you paying year after year from every paycheck for United States government mass murder all over the world. Soldiers risk their bodies and their lives to wage wars, but sadly, most United States peace activists do not break their addiction to buying what we do not need in order to live simply under the taxable level to refuse to pay for U.S. wars. Marching for peace while you pay for war is like praying for health while you hog out on junk food. Stupid contradiction!

I have no right to pay tax to do to other persons what I do not want them to do to me. I have paid no federal income tax for 25 years. I pledge now, at age 58, to live simply, to own no car and to pay no federal income tax for war for the rest of my life! This is anarchy by the Golden Rule! This is nonviolent revolution!

Don Schrader

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