Alibi V.13 No.22 • May 27-June 2, 2004 

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There are a whole host of Republican and Democratic primary elections happening on Tuesday, June 1, which means it's time to do your civic duty and go to the polls. If you're not registered, or think you are but don't know what party you belong to, then you should stop reading now and go back to your feckless, vanity-bit existence.

For the rest of you true patriots that will vote, we offer this advice: Take time over the weekend to look at the races, if you haven't already. Call the candidates and ask why you should vote for them. Chances are there is a primary race for a Senate or House seat in the state Legislature in your district, or a seat on the County Commission or Public Regulation Commission up for grabs. Call the Bernalillo County Democratic Party (256-1855) and Republican Party (298-3214) if you need assistance. If you are registered as an independent or with a third party, you're stuck on the sidelines until November. That's unfortunately the way the system works until a popular uprising demands open primary elections like they have in California.

Remember, often times the primary settles the race, because there is no opposing party candidate in the general election. Also, often times an inept political insider will beat out the more qualified, intelligent candidate in a primary due to low voter turnout. That is, the scoundrel gets enough friends and supporters to back him/her, and they squeak in by a few votes and then you're potentially stuck with that person for a long time. So get informed and vote, hence keeping the scoundrels at bay.