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 Alibi V.15 No.17 • April 27-May 3, 2006 
A rendering of the new Warehouse 21 building.


A New Era

The demolition and rebuilding of one of the hottest all-ages venues in the state, along with the renovation of Santa Fe's railyard, could mean big things for youth, local music and the link between two cities

An entire generation was raised within its walls. And all around, there lay markers of its history: a floor hand-painted with black-and-white checkers, a toilet seat adorned with band stickers, the railyard structure's shack-like exterior. The building has taken on the personality of the generation it helped raise over the past 10 years, but its life must soon come to an end—yet Warehouse 21 is not demolished.

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Thin Line

Dinosaur Stirs—The ground cracks. Pebbles and dirt clods cascade. The camera work gets all shaky. And from the earth emerges that bunch of bones, that echo of an eon gone by. It's ... the Albuquerque Journal's website, waking slowly to the fact that it was possibly the last newspaper site in the United States to charge for its content.

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Councilor Sally Mayer’s substitute for her animal ordinance creates a 10-day “safe haven” grace period at city animal shelters before an animal is euthanized.
Wes Naman

Council Watch

Preview of Coming Attractions

Items on the short April 17 City Council agenda were deferred or withdrawn except for passage of a water authority bill and approval of a 20-unit condominium on South Broadway and a contract with H.D.R. Engineering for design work on a streetcar-light rail system. But two upcoming bills sent arguments echoing through the chamber.

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On Assignment

Do the Math

Albuquerque’s uninsured draw national attention

Vivian Hairston has four children, one husband, one small business and four employees. In New Mexico, that’s more than a palindrome—it’s an equation that, oftentimes, leads to zero health insurance.

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News Editorial

We're in the Money

Albuquerque sets a new minimum wage

After three previous attempts failed, City Council President Martin Heinrich crafted a compromise minimum wage bill debated at an April 20 special Council meeting. The current bill phases in the $7.50 wage over three years, includes all employers and limits legal actions against employers. A deal was struck between the Council and city administration before the meeting, but all sides restated their arguments, however solid or shaky.

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Ortiz y Pino

Battleship APS

Charter schools can offer innovative ideas, but only if APS pays attention

I recently visited one of the five original Albuquerque charter high schools, the Public Academy for the Performing Arts (PAPA). Together with Amy Biehl, Southwest Secondary Learning, South Valley Academy and Twenty First Century Charter High School, PAPA was granted a charter eight years ago and greeted its first students a year later.

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Scott Rickson

Odds & Ends

Dateline: Malaysia—According to the New Straits Times, a man by the name of Yahaya Wahab nearly fainted when he received a $218 trillion phone bill and was ordered to pay up in 10 days or face prosecution. Yahaya told the newspaper he disconnected his late father’s phone line in January after he died and settled the 84 ringgit ($23) bill. But Telekom Malaysia later sent him a 806,400,000,000,000.01 ringgit ($218 trillion) bill for recent telephone calls along with the order to settle within 10 days or face legal proceedings. It wasn’t clear if the bill was a mistake or if Yahaya’s father’s phone line was used illegally after his death. “If the company wants to seek legal action as mentioned in the letter, I’m ready to face it,” the paper quoted Yahaya as saying. “In fact, I can’t wait to face it.” A company official from Telekom Malaysia, who declined to be identified, said the company was aware of Yahaya’s case and would address it.

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I would like to thank the Alibi for the article on the loss of my dear friend and bandmate Ryan King (aka Kraven Morehead) [In Memoriam, “Remembering Ryan King,” April 20-26]. I would also like to thank everyone that helped with the memorial service we had for him on April 12—especially Michelle Arnold and Michelle Meade for taking care of all the arrangements. I would also like to thank everyone from both the Launchpad and Grandma's Music, and our brothers Icky & the Yuks for their help and attendance as well. Ryan's life was a short and cautionary tale—and he will be sorely missed.

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The seats look nice, and so do the views.
Laura Marrich

News Sidebar

Catch the Bird!

A sneak peek at the Rail Runner

It's almost pathetic, really, how excited I was about riding the Rail Runner. I called my mom to tell her the good news, as if I had just won the lottery or was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. No, it was nothing as lucky as that. The invitation came in the form of a press release, advertising a photo op/public relations event—and my chance to get on the train.

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