Alibi V.18 No.26 • June 25-July 1, 2009 
Project Defending Life’s Tuesday afternoon procession makes its way around Planned Parenthood.


Planned Parenthood's Neighbors Fed Up With Anti-Abortion Events

Lena Hakim didn't know it was Good Friday.

She awoke on April 10 at 7:30 a.m. to the sound of amplifiers. "It was really shockingly loud." She looked out her back window and, as best she could over her 6-foot rear fence, saw a gathering. "I could see there were lots and lots of people behind my house in the alley."

Hakim was living on Truman just behind the Planned Parenthood on San Mateo. A temporary resident who'd moved in only a few months prior, she was surprised to see hundreds of people gathered to chant and pray.

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Answer Me This

Which Major League slugger is coming to Albuquerque? Why are shelter dogs wagging their tails? What type of bones were found in Valencia County? What does APS data reveal about poorer schools?

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This rosy army killed the Duke City’s Muñecas Muertas dead.
Minie Gonzalez

Derby Wars

Pink Power

Muñecas roughed up by Arch Rival Roller Girls

It didn't look like a team that could pose a threat to the Muñecas Muertas.

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Like Meep Meep here on Saturday, April 25, the Duke City Derby will live to skate another day.
Eric Williams

Derby News

Down but Not Out

The Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho has enough open space to let derby skaters hit each other with full force. But the cost of keeping Duke City Derby at the Star Center required the league to endure a painful financial hip-check.

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Council Watch

The Rumble of Democracy

On one side of the room: around 25 motorcycle enthusiasts wearing lots of leather. Scattered throughout: a couple dozen blind or otherwise disabled Albuquerqueans.

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Jeremy Reynalds

News Bite

No Shelter

Code violations at the old Westside jail prevent its use as an emergency summer sanctuary

Joy Junction is turning away between five and nine men every night, says Jeremy Reynalds, the shelter's founder and CEO. He says the economy is spitting out more folks than Joy Junction can take in. "We are seeing more people."

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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo Feather

News Bite

Richardson and the Spiders from Mars

One shovelful of dirt closer to galactic tourism

LAS CRUCES—Patience. Gov. Bill Richardson warned Southern New Mexicans they may not see immediate benefits of their $198 million spaceport investment at a pre-groundbreaking event on Thursday, June 18.

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Good Luck With That—FOUND by David Gonda  “Found by a tree outside the Downtown library. It's written on half of an envelope and says, ‘Hey Luv’ on the other side. I can't figure out if this note is pointedly sarcastic or completely sincere. I also wonder if this person misspelled Paula, or if she really has 2 L's in her name.”

Pop Culture

FOUND Magazine creator Davy Rothbart returns to New Mexico

By now, if you’ve not heard of FOUND you’re probably some weird shut-in, a cave troglodyte, Amish or Mister Magoo.

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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Dateline: Belgium—A teenager in Kortrijk, 56 miles northwest of Brussels, is suing a tattoo parlor after it allegedly covered her face in 56 black stars instead of the three she asked for. “I said this part, the top, is OK, but not the rest,” 18-year-old Kimberley Vlaeminck told Belgian broadcaster VRT. The tattooed teen said she “fell asleep” during the tattooing procedure and woke up to find the left side of her face covered in stars. Romanian-born Rouslan Toumaniantz, the tattoo artist who gave Vlaeminck the galaxy of stars, said Vlaeminck asked for all 56 stars and left his shop happy. “She agreed,” Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws quoted Toumaniantz as saying. “But when her father saw it, the trouble started.” Vlaeminck blames the language barrier for the mess up. She asked for the three stars in French and limited English and says Toumaniantz didn't understand her. But the tattoo artist maintains he understood her perfectly. “She asked for 56 stars and that’s what she got,” he told reporters. Vlaeminck said she wants to keep the tattoos on her forehead but will have the rest removed. She is suing Toumaniantz for 10,000 Euros ($14,000).

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CORRECTION: Leonard Sanchez coined the term Tamalewood several years ago and named his production services company Tamalewood, LLC. He specializes in sound services and equipment, while his partner, Eileen Street, provides accounting and producorial services. They also sell clothing with the Tamalewood logo and sponsor an annual award for the best New Mexico Filmmaker at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

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Arch Rival Roller Girls limber up to kick some Muñecas booty.

Photo Essay

P is for Pummel

... and for pink. The Saturday, June 20 game was the last for Duke City at the Santa Ana Star Center. And it marked the second time this season the Muñecas Muertas fell to their foes.

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Shake Your Booty Party

Weekly virtual dance party

All abilities are invited to join online as we dance together.


Backyard Science Series

Tracking 101

Bernalillo County Open Space is hosting a series of livestreamed gardening events on the Bachechi Open Space Facebook page. On Saturday, August 8 starting at 2pm, A Gathering of Naturalists will have a panel discussion with members of the county’s master naturalist program about what a naturalist is, what they do, what projects they work on and some interesting facts about our metro area’s Open Space gems. This open to all-ages free discussion will include how the field of environmental conservation is evolving in an era of change due to the global COVID pandemic, social justice and the climate emergency. Not your style? Then what about on Saturday, August 22 at 2pm you check out a virtual field trip to look for the tracks and signs of wildlife that are found in our uniquely beautiful urban forest we call the Rio Grande Bosque. The virtual tour will be led by Michael Cox, a member of the county’s naturalist program and a volunteer at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center. This free field trip is suitable for all ages of bug and critter trackers. For more info log on to