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 Alibi V.19 No.20 • May 20-26, 2010 
From 2009’s Hot Rod Rumble

Car Culture

Rubber, Meet Road

Hot rods for drivers

Trailer queens. That's what you call classic cars put on trailers and driven to car shows. They live in locked garages, Nan Morningstar says. "People buy antique cars as an investment and spend thousands making them beautiful."

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Agnes Dill

News Profile

Education's Champion

Native American elder receives top honors at UNM

I ask Agnes Dill about the honorary doctorate she'll have received from the University of New Mexico at the Saturday, May 15 commencement. "I guess I'm getting honored for a bunch of things I did," she says. Her extensive list of achievements is the culmination of many years of work. “It’s so long, and I don't know how to tell you," she says. Dill will turn 97 on June 23.

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Casey Purcella

Derby Wars

Barbarous Beginnings

Muñecas clobbered in season opener

The Duke City Derby put on a show for a healthy crowd that nearly filled the Convention Center on Saturday, May 15. All five teams— DoomsDames, Ho-Bots, Derby Intelligence Agency, travel team Muñecas Muertas and newcomers the Taos Whiplashes—showed their stuff. Still, the visiting Denver Roller Dolls put together the most impressive performance with a merciless 262-48 victory over the Muñecas.

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Council President Ken Sanchez

Council Watch

Immigration Debate Heats Up Council Chambers

Two resolutions—one to boycott city business with Arizona and another aimed at Mayor Richard Berry's agreement with federal immigration authorities—failed at the Monday, May 17 Council meeting. More than 100 people attended the meeting to decry the mayor's plan to allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into the Prisoner Transport Center. There, agents will check the immigration status of everyone arrested for any reason.

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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Dateline: Australia—A professor from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane recently noticed a glaring error in the Oxford English Dictionary, which has been in place since 1911. While researching an article for science teachers, Dr. Stephen Hughes spotted the OED definition for the word “siphon.” According to the dictionary, siphons use atmospheric pressure to work. In fact, gravity is the force that makes them work. As soon as he made his discovery, Dr. Hughes wrote a letter to the OED’s editors, who pledged to correct the entry in the next edition. Oxford isn’t the only dictionary to get it wrong, either. “I found that almost every dictionary contained the same misconception that atmospheric pressure, not gravity, pushed liquid through the tube of a siphon,” Hughes told the U.K.’s Telegraph. An OED spokesperson said the definition was first written in 1911 by “editors who were not scientists.”

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I've been reading a lot about the oil spill catastrophe and feel very proud about how both Senators Bingaman and Udall are responding to the issue. As a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian, I've been wringing my hands thinking about how this oil spill will affect both the surrounding ecosystems and local economies. We are yet to feel the full impact of this catastrophe, which is sure to be epic, so I think it is incredibly important that as a nation we do our best to hold those at fault accountable while taking preventative measures to ensure that this doesn't happen again. It was a relief to hear how serious Senator Bingaman is about getting answers on how this happened and holding people accountable. Senator Udall’s stance on regulations as being a bargain compared to an oil spill gives me hope that stronger regulations and better enforcement will prevent this from happening again. I applaud both of our Senators for their leadership on this issue and feel proud to have them representing New Mexicans on such a crucial issue while making it known that this kind of disaster is unacceptable in this country!

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Election 2010

Dems Talk Pre-K Child Care and Tax Hikes

A hundred or so people turned out for the lieutenant governor forum at the Alamosa Community Center on the city’s southwest mesa. The audience included senior citizens, teachers and a handful of young mothers and fathers with their children.

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