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 Alibi V.25 No.23 • June 9-15, 2016 
City Councilors Diane G. Gibson and Brad Winter

Council Watch

Protests and Public Funds

City Council listens to citizen concerns

Solar power committment postponed, public campaign finance gets onto the ballot, money is put away for open space acquisition, a board will form to help businesses impacted by ART and more.
News City
Robert Maestas


Nearly Half of State's Hate Crimes Unreported

Nearly half of New Mexico's law enforcement hasn't reported hate crime totals to the FBI, Navajo cops are criticized for an 8 hour delay in an Amber Alert and the state's medical cannabis industry is growing.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because the world needs gravediggers too.


The readers write about the Albuquerque Journal and ART.