Alibi V.25 No.24 • June 16-22, 2016 
Hillary Clinton


Presidential Politics: A Reminder

Check it before you wreck it

Hillary Clinton is no Walter Mondale and Bernie Sanders is no Gary Hart.
News City
Robert Maestas


ABQ Second in US For Car Theft

A city noted for car thefts, museum price increases and an explanation by Gorden Eden.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because eggs bounce for someone else.


Backyard Science Series

A Gathering of Naturalists

Bernalillo County Open Space is hosting a series of livestreamed gardening events on the Bachechi Open Space Facebook page. On Saturday, August 8 starting at 2pm, A Gathering of Naturalists will have a panel discussion with members of the county’s master naturalist program about what a naturalist is, what they do, what projects they work on and some interesting facts about our metro area’s Open Space gems. This open to all-ages free discussion will include how the field of environmental conservation is evolving in an era of change due to the global COVID pandemic, social justice and the climate emergency. Not your style? Then what about on Saturday, August 22 at 2pm you check out a virtual field trip to look for the tracks and signs of wildlife that are found in our uniquely beautiful urban forest we call the Rio Grande Bosque. The virtual tour will be led by Michael Cox, a member of the county’s naturalist program and a volunteer at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center. This free field trip is suitable for all ages of bug and critter trackers. For more info log on to