Alibi V.28 No.30 • July 25-31, 2019 
Juan Reynosa

On Assignment

Fuel Spill Committee Part II

SWOP: A garden by the base and an ear to the ground

Weekly Alibi chats with Juan Reynosa of SouthWest Organizing Project about the KAFB fuel spill, its effect on the land and community, as well as the long range mission of SWOP and other community organizations when it comes to defending us all.
The News Monkey


A federal judge ruled that an Albuquerque ordinance limiting panhandling on city streets is unconstitutional; bus drivers began training for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit; a new poll found that less than half of New Mexico voters approve of the governor's job performance.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because Satanic Spider-Man webs someone else.