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 Alibi V.29 No.2 • Jan 9-15, 2020 
Miranda van Dijk

News Interview

The Next Blue Wave

Chatting with Miranda van Dijk of DPNM

To find out more about the direction the Democratic Party in New Mexico is taking as 2020 carries us toward the November election, Weekly Alibi chatted with Miranda van Dijk, the new Communications Director for Democratic operations.
Albuquerque citizens gathered for a protest rally.
August March

On Assignment

Local Anti-War Protest Draws a Crowd

A wide variety of Burqueños represented

We talk to Red Nation and others at the protest over the Iran escalation.
The News Monkey


AG appeals appeals Heath White warrant invalidation and asked legislators to update current hate crime statute to protect homeless; complaints filed against Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute over lab monkey deaths.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because being flayed for your tattoos happens to someone else, mercifully dead.


A reader writes about cops, courts and politicians.
Chastity Belt-Off
photo by Val Hollingsworth

Ask A Drag Queen

Sex in the Burque

Ask a drag queen your burning questions in Alibi’s exclusive advice column

Nothing is hard about drag.