Alibi V.29 No.11 • March 12-18, 2020 
Trinity Downwinders Bernice Gutierrez and Therese Perea

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Trinity Downwinders Seek Compensation

Atomic event spawned health issues

In the years that have passed since, some of the people in the inhabited areas within a 150-mile radius of the Trinity test have come to call themselves “downwinders.” They say that the radioactive fallout from the Trinity device poisoned their towns and their land, and in the process, created a perfect storm of cancerous proportions.
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U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich visits Jornada Elementary School in Las Cruces to discuss early childhood education, Feb. 19, 2020.

New Mexico News

Heinrich on Poverty and Education

Senator works for two-generation empowerment

Late last week, Senator Martin Heinrich held a press conference to note the introduction of the Two-Generation Economic Empowerment Act and the Pathways to Health Careers Act, powerful pieces of legislation designed to ameliorate multigenerational poverty.
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Construction is finally underway on a tiny home village in Albuquerque that will serve the city’s underprivileged and homeless residents; New Mexico has activated the Health Department’s operations center to help prepare for potential emergency situations related to the novel coronavirus outbreak; the state's Democratic and Republican parties hosted pre-primary conventions to select candidates to appear on the primary ballot.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because emergency beering happens to someone else.


A reader writes about Zia Pueblo vs tourism.
Sex and the Burque

Sex and the Burque

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