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 Alibi V.29 No.30 • July 23-29, 2020 
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Curb for a Pillow, Street for a Bed

Pandemic exacerbates homeless problem in New Mexico

Long term shelter, at an affordable cost, is getting harder and harder to come by in Albuquerque. From 2013 to 2019, street homelessness nearly quadrupled in the city from 144 to 567 people.
Town Square

Town Square

Global Drug Use Rising, How Does This Impact the United States?

Preventing substance use begins with education and early intervention

Many Americans coming out of this pandemic will need assistance, along with those in recovery and anyone struggling with addiction. There could be a potential surge of people needing help, and substance use treatment providers should be prepared to adapt to the increased need.
Transform Education New Mexico brought plans to the NM Legislative Education Study Committee.

Community News

Education Reform Struggles

State fails to dismiss Yazzie/Martinez case, plans to meet court mandate

Last Wednesday, July 15, the NM Legislative Education Study Committee met via Zoom to discuss the Public Education Department’s goals around the Yazzie/Martinez case. Ryan Stewart, New Mexico’s secretary of education, gave a presentation to the committee on the initial steps the PED is taking.

News Feature

City Council Reviews Police Budget

APD receives scrutiny amid overtime investigation, public comment

Two City Council committee meetings last week brought up the subject of police department budgets, a topic receiving attention nationwide as protests against police violence continue in many cities. The Albuquerque Police Department’s budget is now under review, with a state investigation into the department’s use of overtime hours raising questions about ethics and accountability.
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On Independence and Inequality

As unemployment supplement ends, many fear what's next

Our government needs to step up and ensure people have some semblance of protection right now, or we’re looking at another Great Depression. We can’t expect everything to just kick in to full again, so maybe another New Deal is in line.
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A number of agencies are investigating APD of overtime fraud; New Mexico’s COVID-19 hospitalization rate is rising, but that number includes patients who have been sent here from Arizona; the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee says state spending on a nursing expansion program has paid off.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because psychedelic flying ants happen to someone else.