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 Alibi V.29 No.32 • Aug 6-12, 2020 

Community News

The Yellow Brick Road Back to School

Coronavirus, masks and computer screens line the path to Emerald City

APS teachers and school staff return to school on Aug. 5 to prepare for online and in-school teaching, and learning in a sanitized and safe setting that includes social distancing and wearing face masks. While safety must be the main consideration, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to school reopening.
Filling Philly’s, where the NMCG bunkered down and prepared for violence
Dan Pennington

Community News

Community Terrorism

New Mexico Civil Guard draws on unarmed protestors

After a Sunday evening gathering against violence toward BIPOC from police, unarmed people were threatened by armed individuals. As things stand now, there is absolutely no evidence that justifies a gun to have been pulled, pointed and potentially discharged. Yet New Mexico Civil Guard is still out there, uninhibited by anything or anyone.
The News Monkey


State Auditor says the City Councilor Klarissa Peña spent too much money on a trip; Michelle Lujan Grisham told reporters that she’d be willing to accept a role in Biden’s cabinet and as governor has extended a public health order that limits public gatherings through August.
mysterious hooded figure

News Editorial

The Importance of Social Media Literacy

Spotting bad actors in social movements

People’s lives can be immensely impacted by what is shared on social media, as we’ve seen here very recently when the New Mexico Civil Guard, the local right-wing militia that has deputized themselves as armed peacekeepers, posted the home addresses of two members of The Red Nation last week on their public Facebook page. So how do you tell the difference between a genuine member of a movement and a bad actor looking to phish you?
Garcia’s Kitchen
Clarke Condé

Council Watch

Welcome Back, Now Get to Work!

Councilors return to tackle helping Burque businesses

City Councilors faced down a packed Zoom agenda with no end in sight to the COVID pandemic, and many questions of how to help the city’s struggling businesses and residents were hanging in the virtual air.
The halls of Amy Biehl just feel a little different right now.
Clarke Condé

New Mexico News

What's The Buzz With Charter Schools?

School choice important during the pandemic

Have a kid with a passion for foreign languages? How about a flair for the media or digital arts? Maybe a budding flamenco dancer? Or a young Einstein or a novice Marie Curie? Here in New Mexico there are 96 public charter schools that offer unique, top-rated educational opportunities for students with all kinds of passions.

Legacy Church Academy
Clarke Condé

New Mexico News

Going Maskless

School will open in-person day one, no masks required

Legacy Church Academy, a private school centered around the namesake church, has announced that it will be doing in-person classes from day one of school reopening, and that it will not be enforcing masks.
heavily armed FBI

Town Square

It Feels Like Facism

Words of protestor abducted in July hit home for local citizen

What does fascism feel like? Deep, deep grief.
I mean, they do a lot more than that to be fair.
Clarke Condé


Mask It or Casket

Believe you’re exempt from a mask? Think again.

What's the deal with maskholes?
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because being called fat on Facebook happens to someone else.