Is it free to place an ad?



Is it free to respond?



How can I respond to an ad?

Use the “Reply to Ad” link in each ad. The recipient will see the email address you supply. To protect your privacy, we recommend creating a separate email account. See the Dating Safety Tips page.


What should I say?

That’s a tough one, but here are some tips. Of special note is this one: “Netspeak, bad grammar, and bad spelling are huge turn-offs.”


How do I edit my existing ad?

When you post an ad, you will receive an email message with a Listing Ad Key. Visit the Listing URL and click “Edit Ad.” Enter your Listing Ad Key and email address. This will grant you access to the ad editing screen.


How do I change my ad’s reply email address?

Edit the ad and change the email address on the ad editing screen.


Will my ad appear in the Weekly Alibi newspaper?



How many photos can I upload?



Who do I contact if I need help or if I need to ask a question?

Use this handy form!