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I Saw You

I Saw You

Unforgettable moment at Sandia Casino Tlur Pa Lounge


When: Friday, March 2, 2018

Groove City band was playing awesome music and I was dancing near the stage when I turned and saw you smiling at me. It was close to 1 am and they had just played their last song. I bought the CD from the band and returned to my table. I looked over at you and you were still near the stage, still smiling but this time you were holding your cell phone trying to get my attention. My driver was ready so had to leave. I hope you read this terrific newspaper and reply to my ad as you are on my mind.

I saw a: Man
I am a: Woman

Where: Sandia Casino Tlur Pa Lounge as Groove City played
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Location : Albuquerque, Northeast, NM
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