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I Saw You

I Saw You

Beautiful Woman at Big Thief show


You: w/2 pals @ BigThief, brn hair w/bangs, mole on rt side of mouth. yr male friend danced w/taco tray & bought two LPs, yr female friend had short hair & white shirt.

Me: danced (er, swayed) next to you. longish hair tucked behind ears, blk shirt w/skeleton & guitar on it. rode past the 3 of you on my bike on your way to yr car.

Wanted to talk 2/you & really wanted to dance w/you during the slow songs, but that seemed creepy. so... here we are. meet for a drink/walk/listen to BigThief album?

I saw a: Woman
I am a: Man

Where: Sister Bar
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Location : Albuquerque, Downtown, NM
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