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Albuquerque - Food Truck

Blended Açai

@blendedacai505 (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
Blended açai has been a trendy food in big cities for a while, and now Albuquerque finally has our own spot to try the highly Instagramable superfood. The Blended Açai food truck visits not only breweries—the typical fare of food trucks—but also yoga studios, pop-up shops and farmers’ markets. If eating big purple bowls of berries and granola isn’t your thing, they also serve poké bowls. Check out where they’ll be parked next by following them on Instagram @blendedacai505.

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Cheesy Street

@cheesy_street (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
What warms the soul and makes you feel like a kid more than a grilled cheese sandwich? The Cheesy Street set out to make quality grilled cheese available to all (including the vegan and gluten free crowd!), and the city is better for it. Deviate from the standard a bit with one of their signature sandwiches like the king: grilled cheese with crispy bacon and hot green chile. Follow them on Instagram (@cheesy_street) or on Facebook to see their schedule for the week.

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Conchita's Creations

400 Gold Ave SW Ste 119 (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM 87102
The mobile version of Conchita’s Cafe offers catering for up to 800 people.

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@kamikaze_foodtruck (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
Cuisine: Fusion, Asian, American
For a unique take on Asian/Southwestern fusion food, look no further than the Kamikaze food truck. This new truck on the block makes dishes like fortune cookie fried chicken and rice and eggroll-aritos (yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like). Most dishes come with green chile fried rice. After only being open for two months, Kamikaze won ABQ Beer Week’s Food Truck Battle—pretty impressive.

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Kitsune Food Truck

@kitsuneabq (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM 87102…
Mon-Wed Closed Thu-Sat 3pm-10pm Sun 12pm-6pm (hours can change without notice)
Meals Served: LunchDinner
The creations of the resident food truck of Dialogue Brewing aren’t just tasty, they’re beautiful. Though the tacos are relatively small, we highly recommend the karaage tacos—the kitsune slaw is life itself. (The size of the portions don’t matter as long as you add a side of Thai fries.)

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Mac’s Food Truck

@macssteakinthetruck (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
Cuisine: American
Dubbed “Steak in the Truck,” this is the mobile version of the Albuquerque classic Mac’s Steak in the Rough. Burgers, steak fingers, fries and onion rings, Mac’s specializes in anything fried and sinful. Their schedule is pretty irregular, so follow them on Instagram (@macssteakinthetruck) to see where they’ll show up next.

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Pura Vida Comida

@puravida.comida (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
The husband-and-wife duo Erin and Tito Valdez opened the Pura Vida Comida food truck after they saw a need for more good vegan food in Albuquerque. The eye-catching turquoise truck can now be found parked in front of breweries and bars throughout the city, serving tasty salads, bowls and signature dishes like their General Tso’s Not Chicken. Check them out on Instagram at @puravida.comida to see where they’ll be next.

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Soo Bak Food Truck

@soobakfoods (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM…
Cuisine: Korean, Fusion
Soo Bak Food Truck’s tagline is “Korean Seoul Food”—an apt description of the innovative fusion of traditional Korean and New Mexican cuisine apparent in the dishes. Get adventurous with the Korean chile cheese fries or stick with classic and deliciously light kimchi and rice. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will be pleased with the fresh mandu (veggie dumplings) or daeji bulgogi (spicy pork) tacos.

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Street Food Institute

@streetfoodinstitute (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
The Street Food Institute is way more than just a food truck. It’s a non-profit program that fosters young chefs and entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources, education and hands-on training that they need to start their own culinary businesses. A part of that hands-on training involves crafting menus and cooking up food in the SFI truck, which stops at Marble Downtown most Wednesday evenings. Check them out on Instagram (@streetfoodinstitute) to see what their menu of the day is and where they’ll be parked tonight.

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The Supper Truck

@thesuppertruck (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
Parking at a brewery near you, The Supper Truck serves up a variety of cuisines and fusion dishes—shrimp and grits, tofu banh mi, bbq beef tacos and vietnamese beef burritos. If you’re missing some Southern classics, go for the chicken and waffles or black eyed peas. They’ll be parked out at Isleta Amphitheater for many of their concerts this summer, and can usually be found at Tasty Tuesdays in Hyder Park as well.

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Umami Moto

- (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM -
- (hours can change without notice)
Meals Served: LunchDinnerOpen Late
Cuisine: Asian, Korean, Fusion
For example, the Korean Burrito ($9). With bulgogi beef and a house-made kimchi fried rice making up the heft of the burrito, you also have Napa cabbage, carrots and pickled Daikon. To finish it all off, there’s a Korean queso inside. First off, this burrito is big, even by New Mexico standards. It was large enough to make me curse when I first saw it, knowing the state that my appetite was currently in. The rich flavor of the bulgogi beef is the first thing you notice, with the taste of that long marinated beef blossoming on the tongue. That’s closely followed by the sourness of the daikon that turns back to sweetness as your taste buds adjust to the profile, with the final kick of cheesy heat coming from the Korean queso. There’s so much to process and every bite is an exciting trip through these segments of taste, meshed together to create something deeply lovable and excessively filling.
Alibi recommends: The yellow curry.
Vibe: Modern food truck with Asian street food flair

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My Sweet Basil

@mysweetbasil (Food Truck)
Albuquerque NM
My Sweet Basil has a constantly changing menu that cycles through cuisines based on the whims of the chefs and what’s in season. This means that you never know what they’re serving until you get there—but you know it’ll be good. As of this moment they’re typically parked at Marble Downtown on Wednesday evenings and at the Railyards Market on Sunday mornings, but check their Instagram (@mysweetbasil) to see where they’ll be next.

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