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Spring Rollin’

6241 Riverside Plaza Ln. (Rio Rancho)
Ste. C4
Rio Rancho NM 87120
(505) 792-7786
Mon-Thu: 11pm to 9pm Fri-Sun: 11am to 10pm (hours can change without notice)
Meals Served: LunchDinner
Cuisine: Dim Sum, Chinese
Starting with the more traditional stuff on the menu, the "traditional" ($5.25) is a rice paper wrap over rice noodles and a few shrimp. The shredded diakon, carrot, cucumber and lettuce add a sharp and earthy crunch, a moist and cool bite. There's a crispy fried wonton wrapper rolled tight, giving the spring roll a sturdy texture, and as far as a sauce for dipping, the traditional approach would be the luxurious peanut sauce or, of course, the fish sauce. They offer a brown rice paper wrap, which seemed both chewier while not holding the wrap together as well -- which seem mutually exclusive, but there you go. The pork sausage ($5.25), again with the same veggies and texture as the traditional, is surely the crowd pleaser, and easily stands up to any of the sauces on offer. If you want spice, go with the green chile or the sriracha-lime. Better still, add some green chile to the roll itself, as I found it to have both the down-home heat and flavor to please a local's palate! Choices are limited for the vegetarian and vegan out there, so I'd love to see Spring Rollin' hop on the Impossible (or something like it) train and offer a protein beyond just tofu ($5.25). Still, the fresh herbs and veggies, including cucumber noodles, will certainly make a roll or two! If you're lucky you might spy some additional ingredients not on the menu, so keep a sharp eye out. I managed to catch some grilled jalapeno slices, and they really delivered some extra fire!

Alibi recommends: Avoid overwhelm by staying "on menu" for your first trip; then go hog-wild on your second visit!
Vibe: A small but friendly industrial space with light and satisfying fare.

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