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Bacon Jam

2930 Candelaria Rd. NE (Midtown)
Albuquerque NM NM
Mon-Fri: 6am-3pm Sat: 8am-2pm Sun: Closed (hours can change without notice)
Meals Served: BreakfastBrunchLunch
Cuisine: American
I followed that up with some of the Bacon Batter Pancakes ($8.45), which features two pancakes filled with bacon, two eggs cooked any style and two strips of bacon. A couple notes about this dish: First, the bacon on the side went in the opposite direction of the Defibrillator, being more to the style of cooked to exactly the right amount to be not super-crispy, the way I prefer it. Second, they weren’t joking about it being filled with bacon. The top of the pancakes were literally bursting with bits of bacon showing through. Whereas at most places I’d see this item, I would assume I’d be lucky to get a bite of bacon in each real bite, here it would be impossible not to. I cannot overstate just how much bacon was in these pancakes. That’s value to the highest order.
Alibi recommends: Probably best to try the bacon.
Vibe: Friendly and casual diner

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