RockSquawk Podcast #1

I know, I know, I know … it's been over a year since everyone submitted their songs for the Rocksquawk podcast. Some of you probably hate these recordings by now, a few of these bands probably don't even exist anymore but we've put it together anyway and we promise we will make it a regular thing from now on.

Here is the link to subscribe to the Rocksquawk podcast using iTunes (choose "Subscribe to Podcast" from the Advanced menu and paste in the URL) or any other podcast client:

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or you can download the MP3 directly here.

Rocksquawk Podcast #1 Track listing …

1. Old Beans - Republican Girls
2. The Unemploid - Pickin Cabbages
3. Sin Serenade -Oxen Promenade
4. Romeo Goes To Hell - Sweet
5. Devil Riding Shotgun - I Don't Care
6. The Attic Banned - Frustration
7. of god and science - America's Queen
8. Third Hour - Buzzkill
9. ColdSnap - Undone
10. Five Minute Sin - Mind on Fire

If you'd like to be part of future Rocksquawk podcasts, please send your MP3s to Make sure you include your band's name and the song name.