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Krazy Kat Raided

RIAA and state attorney general’s office suspect piracy

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Uh oh. It’s the copyright cops.

Krazy Kat Records was raided today by the Attorney General’s office and investigators from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), under suspicion of illegally duplicating discs. The raid yielded 7,400 copied CDs, according to the AG’s office. Every seven CDs can count as a fourth-degree felony. Stay tuned, we’ll have more on this to come. If you’d like to read the entire press release, it’s pasted after the jump.

Gee, where can I get one of those RIAA raid shirts?
Gee, where can I get one of those RIAA raid shirts?

“Special Agents and forensics personnel from New Mexico Attorney General Gary King's Office today executed a search warrant at Krazy Kat Music in Albuquerque in connection with an investigation into illegally reproduced compact discs. Investigators from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) were also present during the raid and worked with the AG's office prior to today's action. RAII [sic] investigators say they handle nearly four thousand cases a year of suspected illegal CD duplication that costs the music industry more than $350 million annually in this country. RAII [sic] investigators say Krazy Kat Music had been warned in the past to cease and desist reproducing CDs.

“Special Agents from the Investigations Division of the AGO confiscated suspected illegally reproduced CDs, computers and other evidence at the scene.

“It is illegal under New Mexico law to manufacture and sell copies of lawfully produced audio and visual recordings. Selling more than seven "pirate" CD copies is a 4th degree felony.

“The Attorney General's Office wants potential CD pirates to know that it is a crime that will be prosecuted. If anyone has information about or wants to report music piracy they are urged to call the RIAA toll-free at 1-800-BAD BEAT (223-2328).”

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Public Comments (14)
  • dia  [ Tue Jul 22 2008 4:54 PM ]

    RIAA. That's what Krazy Kat has right about now.

  • Poor Krazy Kat  [ Tue Jul 22 2008 4:56 PM ]

    I like how they're trying to spin this like it's a real threat to public health and welfare. Come on. Aren't there some meth labs you fuckers should be cracking down on instead?

    And, oh yeah, here's the toll-free line to squeal on your friends.

  • I think there's a distinction here.  [ Tue Jul 22 2008 5:10 PM ]

    I have no love for RIAA's tactics and I think the music industry's current model is doomed. However, Krazy Kat is in the business of selling music for profit. What they were allegedly doing is different than downloading music in your dorm room, and that's why there are criminal charges associated, rather than just another crazy civil suit (which will no doubt follow).

  • About this time last year ...  [ Tue Jul 22 2008 5:14 PM ]

    Alberto Gonzales (remember him?) was making the rounds and pushing for the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007. Among its many insane tenets was the idea that Homeland Security (a government entity) would alert the RIAA (a private trade organization) whenever it encountered illegal copies of music.

    Maybe that's why the RIAA is trying to look like the FBI or BATF by hiring big thugs and dressing them up in raid shirts with stencilled letters on the back. If you look like a cop, you must be a cop, right?

  • batman  [ Tue Jul 22 2008 6:54 PM ]

    Yes, the cops don't bring batman along on raids and RIAA had no business being on this "ride along." Blurs the lines.

  • Smelly Cat  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 11:05 AM ]

    Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,

    What are they feeding you?

    Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

    It's not your fault

  • dang!  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 12:51 PM ]

    I had just seen that Krazy Kat Records picture in the Alibi> (I had never heard of them) and I was looking forward to checking out the shop!

  • RAII - Are they armed with jewel cases?  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 2:31 PM ]

    I wonder if the RAII are the same people that kept threatening my credit standing for not paying for that "Johnny Mathis Greatest Hits" CD I got in the mail.

  • Recording America Industry Industry  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 2:34 PM ]

    That's what RAII stands for.

  • If it's illegal  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 2:35 PM ]

    "to manufacture and sell copies of lawfully produced audio and visual recordings" ... is it therefore legal to to manufacture and sell copies of unlawfully produced audio and visual recordings?

  • heh, I didn't notice that  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 3:14 PM ]

    It is illegal under New Mexico law to manufacture and sell copies of lawfully produced audio and visual recordings.

    Good grief, whoever wrote that press release didn't know what they're talking about.

    Hey Jeremy, were your Antares CDs lawfully produced? I hope not, or else you won't be able to sell 'em!

  • ummmmmm....  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 3:40 PM ]

    were your Antares CDs lawfully produced?

    yes, of course they were :/!

  • Clarification  [ Wed Jul 23 2008 8:56 PM ]

    I would like to clarify that the RAII is the Johnny Mathis enforcement section of the RIAA. I forgot to include that little known factoid.

    BTW - I wonder if these jokers have ever been to a flea market?

  • Flea market  [ Thu Jul 24 2008 12:15 AM ]

    A couple years ago, there was a booth at the flea market openly admitting that they were selling copied cds. I talked to them about it and they were quite confident that what they were doing was legal.

    I wanted to put it a cool star trek clip from the jack the ripper episode... "I know something of the law..." I couldn't find it on youtube. Viacom and all. My house will probably be raided over the gorn fight clip I keep posting.

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