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Silver Linings From A Lousy Summer

Clarke Conde
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The Hugo
Silver linings from a lousy summer (Clarke Condé)
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With the approaching Labor Day, say goodbye to the days of socially distant swimming pools, smell ya’ later to your white shoes longing for a neighborhood BBQ and adieu to what can certainly be described as the lamest summer on record. Sad but true, this summer has been a dud. Halloween promises to be fun though, right? On the bright side, an Alpine friend that survived a bout of the Coronavirus and a don’t-even-walk-your-dog-outside French lockdown emerged with tales of a light European cocktail worth toasting away the last days of this summer here in the U.S.A.: The Hugo.

One cup of Prosecco

One splash of sparkling water

One sprig of fresh mint

One lime

One tbsp elderflower syrup


Start with a wine glass so you have plenty of room to work with. Some say muddle the mint, but I prefer both the informality and the expediency of just rolling it between my thumb and index finger. Toss it in the glass, reserving some as a garnish should you choose. Cover with the elderflower syrup, a good squeeze of lime and some ice. Pick up the glass and give it a good swirl or two to mix the ingredients while considering all the fun you could have had this summer if not for the global pandemic. Careful not to smash the glass or fling the ingredients everywhere in anger. Add the Prosecco (French champagne’s cheaper, but no less tasty, Italian cousin) and top with a splash of sparkling water for good luck. Admire your work as the tiny bubbles fill your glass. See, maybe it wasn’t that bad after all. Really it was, but at least you can now toast to fun-filled next year.
The Hugo

Clarke Condé

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