Watermelon Cocktail

Steady Yourself For Unrelenting Summer

Clarke Conde
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Watermelon Cocktail
The watermelon cocktail completes the summer. (Clarke Condé)
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Is it even possible to have summer without watermelon? Clearly, the answer is no; but as the summer drags on into the monsoon season, you should ask yourself two critical questions: 1), have I had a watermelon cocktail yet this summer? And 2), why not? Leaving aside the first question for the moment, let’s begin with the second, taking a-nuts-and bolts approach to problem solving to eliminate at least one of the potential obstacles to you enjoying a watermelon cocktail this summer—ignorance of how to make one.

3 parts fresh watermelon juice

1 part white rum

1 part lime juice

1 part Grand Marnier

Lime to garnish

Ice, if you like

First, assess your ingredients and plans for the remains of the day to determine if you are going to make a pitcher of this stuff or just a glass. Reschedule any conflicts. Next, start with a fresh watermelon and juice the whole thing (excepting seeds and rind, obviously). That might seem excessive, but it will demonstrate your commitment to the cocktail. From there, juice some limes and steady yourself, because you are going to be putting Grand Marnier in this drink. For those uninitiated, Grand Marnier is an orange liqueur of French derivation that clocks in just this side of divinity. In this cocktail, it adds a counterpoint to the watermelon and lime. Next, add the lime and rum. A stir will suffice before pouring it over ice and garnishing with lime. A blender is unnecessary and noisy. Now complete, very little remains between you and your watermelon cocktail.
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