Arnold Palmer And Jack

A Summer Classic Par Excellence

Clarke Conde
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Arnold Palmer and Jack
Don’t forget to tip your caddy. (Clarke Condé)
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Just as Julius Caesar is the eponym for the Cesarean section and Humphrey Bogart is known for holding a joint too long, golfer Arnold Palmer, while surely not the first person to mix ice tea with lemonade, now extends his legacy to the beverage that bears his name. Perfect for warm summer days, the Arnold Palmer is transformed into a cocktail on the 19th hole with the addition of Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey, not to be confused with Kentucky Bourbon. While this is the subject of debate among some, no one really benefits from the argument and this cocktail will benefit from either. In fact, local whiskey offerings can be easily substituted when available,—but under no circumstance should you add unaged moonshine to this cocktail or you will likely retch and cause Arnold Palmer himself to spin in his grave.

1/3 fresh lemonade

1/3 fresh brewed black tea

1/3 Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey


Simple and refreshing, the Arnold Palmer is made best using fresh ingredients. Start with actual lemons (rather than some mix) and then prepare the tea however you like (sun tea is a good way to go) using an unflavored black tea. Fill a Collins glass (or Ball jar for a hint of down-home style) with ice and add 1/3 measure of lemonade, tea and whiskey. Garnish with lemon and feel free to adjust proportions to fit your taste. Now you are ready to find a comfortable chair in a shady spot outdoors and while away a summer day.
Arnold Palmer and Jack

Clarke Condé

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