The Daily Word 4.14.08

The Daily Word

Dolly Parton set a bald eagle loose in the woods. Picture that. Could anything be more American?

Count Bush can create a Clone Army for the Republic. Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Northwest and Delta airlines to collide. Or merge, as you Americans call it.

Marilyn Monroe oral sex movie sells for $1.5 Million. Send a link if you find it.

Iraqi Soldiers Free Kidnapped CBS Journalist.

The Weird Kid gets a butter knife stuck in his head.

J.K. Rowling wears stripey blazer, wants all money everywhere. Although, it is cheesey that somebody would try to make a Harry Potter Encyclopedia without her consent.

Remember the Tree Man of Java? He got a bunch of his weird warts cut off and wants to get married now.

The Lizard Man is possibly a Yeti.

Albuquerque’s Metro Court will be stepping up the bench warrants. Nobody knew they had been lax before, but now… boy, will you be sorry.

Nob Hill is growing faster than its parking. Puppies grow; collars don’t.

RIP, Chico.

Today is Julie Christie’s birthday. Here’s Yo La Tengo’s video for “ Tom Courtney,” a song that mentions her. And here she is looking smashing in Farenheit 451.