10 Things I Wish I Had Time To Do

Marisa Demarco
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10 Things I Wish I Had Time to Do
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When I’m talking to people for a profile, I catch thermals of their inspiration, and part of me wants to quit everything and do what they’re doing. But I’m a tired old news editor with too many after-work projects. Someday …

I’m done with the people who can’t find anything to do in this town. Here’s a numbered but unordered list of what I would do this summer if days were 35 hours long:

10. Skate myself black and blue as a
derby queen

9. Crash my bike and still win the pot on a
poker ride

8. Blow minds with my
Tuvan throat singing skills

7. Make a show for
Channel 26 or 27 in which I interview people on the street about anything at all

6. Build elaborate set pieces for
burlesque performers

5. Injure myself further by playing
full-contact football

4. Patrol the streets and fight villains as a
real-life superhero. (Maybe I could combine this with my derby persona?)

3. Shred hot lixx as
a competitive air guitarist

2. Turn my black skull thumb green by
gardening in Pee Alley

1. Race hoopties at the
drag strip

What would you do if you could find the time?
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